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Default Re: I need someone to give me answers for this PLEASE!

Originally Posted by PkmnRoxMyLife View Post
Ok thanks a lot on the reply i really benefited from it. If you don't mind, let me ask another question, Is it possible to get the required EVs before lvl 100? After getting the 510 EVs, if i train on other pokemon, will my pokemon's stats change? Will their stats I worked hard to achieve be affected by pokemon i train on after getting 510 Evs?
if you are EV training, you CANNOT battle any other pokemon, until you get 510 EVs, which is gettable at any level. So, EV training during the early part of the game is not good, since your aim would be to beat the Gyms and go to new areas. I recommend you beating the Elite 4, then getting babies of all your pokemon by Daycare, and EV training from there, which means, if you want 252 EVs in attack; and not waste the other 258 EVs at all, you need to battle ONLY Shuppets. With macho brace, you need to battle exactly 126 Shuppets to get 252 EVs.

Boring work, but the outcome is good.

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