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Default Microsoft Interested In Buying Nintendo?

Microsoft Interested In Buying Nintendo?

No, Microsoft won't be taking over Nintendo today or tomorrow, but Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, showed some interest of acquiring Nintendo. Showing interest doesn't mean he'll get it (in fact, Nintendo has said it's not in merger talks and that's it's not interested), but it's interesting to see what Bill Gates feels about this.

As reported by Steve Lohr of the New York Times:
The article on the German magazine's Web site carried the headline, "Bill Gates: Interest in Nintendo Takeover." The article said that when asked about the possibility of acquiring Nintendo, Gates said how much he liked the company and that Microsoft would bid, if it were for sale.

"If Hiroshi Yamauchi calls, he'll get me on the line right away," Gates was quoted as saying, in a reference to Nintendo's former president and largest shareholder.

Microsoft does not dispute the accuracy of the quotation. But a company official who was standing nearby said that all the context and nuance were lost in translation. The comment by Gates, he said, was meant as an "admiring joke."

Nintendo's Response
For its part, Nintendo was not amused. Known for its Mario, Donkey Kong and Pokemon games and its GameCube and Game Boy machines, Nintendo is not engaged in merger talks with Microsoft nor is it interested, a company spokesman said.

(Read the entire article here: Microsoft In Play For Nintendo?)

There you have it folks. Gates seems to be interested or may have just been an "admiring joke." Nintendo isn't in any talks with Microsoft and shows no interest in merger talks. For those dreaming for a Pokemon game on XBox, keep dreaming, because Nintendo shows no interest to merge with Microsoft, even if Mr. Gates is seriously interested.

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