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Default Re: Favorite Eevee Evolution

I'll summarize the opinions of what I think of each, then pick.

Jolteon - Spikey devil with a few Electric Type moves learned through, well, learning by level.
Flareon - Furry, hot, burning coat.
Vaporeon - Fishy like appearance makes it look pretty, and battle statistics aren't bad either.
Espeon - Teh shmexy Psychic type. (So forth always a female in my opinion.)
Umbreon - Pure badass.
Leafia - Curly leaves make it look quite good, and attacks aren't bad either.
Glacia - Teh third shmex. Good statistics, too. (1 - Espeon, 2 - Umbreon, 3 - Glacia, 4 - Leafia, 5 - Vaporeon, 6 - Flareon, 7 - Jolteon)

So my choice is......Umbreon, leh bad ass. >:3 Can't go wrong with a very masculian like appearance, bad ass attacks, bad ass stats, and bad ass itself. >:3
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