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Originally Posted by Mizu
Name: Loki
Pokemon: Misdreavus
Gender: Male
God of...: Mischief making. Loki is the trickster and thief of the pokegods.
Description: As punishment for stealing Thor’s hammer, his entire body (except for his head) was turned invisible, and his head enlarged to make him more noticeable; but he wears a heavy polar bear coat for warmth.
Other: Has a range of daggers, lock picks, and martial arts moves. He’s very funny, but because of his reputation no goddess is interested in a half invisible thief.

Gah, I'd better not be orochi ¬¬ it'll mess up the story, I prefer Loki n_n
Okay. What ever suits your fancy.

Hm... I think I'll be

Name: Horus
Pokemon: Pidgeot (I will explain)
Gender: Male
God of...: The sky and celestial bodies. Son of Isis and Zeus.
Description: The head of a pidgeot on a body of a Medicham, except a little beefier. Wears that typical Egyptian outfit (Don’t know how else to describe them), with anklets and bangles, and amulets. Also has a pharaoh hat.
Other: His weapon is the uedjit (Weh-jit) eye, which could tell is someone was lying, see through walls, and shoot a flamethrower-esque attack. Horus has an army-general sort of personality; very serious, strict, but also can be fun if you can manage to break the ice.


Okay, now we can start!


“The prophesies are coming true. I see it in the sky. Death is coming on swift wings,” said Thoth.

We were conversing, Thoth and I in my private cellar. He said Ragnarokk is coming far sooner than imagined.

“It was coming sooner or later, we all knew that.” I pondered on these words. “But so soon? What do the fates say?” The fates knew everything, life, death, past, future, present.

Thoth seemed distressed. “They are…dead, Horus.”

“What!! How could this be!?! Without the fates…”

“Without the fates, our fate is sealed.”

“Can we fight this? Any way at all! Can the fates be reincarnated?”

“We don’t know. They’ve never died before, at least in my knowledge.”

“How did they die? Tell me…”

“It was sudden. Stabbed. Apparently, even they weren’t aware of it, or they would have protected.”

But we both knew that they must’ve known about it. They committed suicide. They knew something horrible was coming, and didn’t want to experience it.
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