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Default ROD's Unprofessional Sig Tutorial

Added Tut 01: 10.21.06
Added Tut 02: 11.06.06

Please ignore the above. I am working on the sig as you read this, and I also intend on making a seperate post for each tut and just link it in this post. This message will be gone when this is forfilled. :x

Bonjour! I got bored one day and decided to make a thread for my sig tuts. Meaning, I will more likely add on more. Like a little archive. But there's only one tut right now. D:

This is done using PS7... D:

I would like you to keep these three things in mind when reading this tut:

1. This is just how I do things.
My sigs are usually based around one color, two at most. They're often bright or grungy, too. There are more than one way to making sigs. So if you don't wanna add grunge or sparklies, don't. Or you want it smaller/bigger. It's YOUR sig.
2. I'm not Miss Perfect.
I mess up ALOT. And I'm not a pro at making graphics. There are many more graphic artists on this forum who are better than me, as you all may know.
3. Have fun. D:
Don't make a sig if it feels like a chore!! And don't go crazy if something goes wrong. Keeping this in mind keeps you sane. Like me. :D [/lie]

Just so you know, in case you want some visual reference, I have images. Just click the step. Just keep in mind some of them are big. ^ __^;;

Oh!! One more thing... Label your layers. It really helps. I didn't. It didn't help. D:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Ok, let's go. = w=

Step 1: Get the image.
My signatures usually involve using just one image. I know, depressing. D:
But, you can use more if you like. I decided to use this image. Aoi Kimizuka is SUCH a wonderful artist. / / /

Step 2: Duplicate the Layer.
The next two steps will help in making the image either darker or lighter.
If you like the way it is, keep it.
I want it brighter, so I'm just going to go ahead and duplicate that layer. ;D

Step 3: Gaussian Blur.
If you skipped the last step skip this one and the next, too.
Go to Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur. I usually do 1.5 ~ 3.
For this image I used 1.5.

Step 4: Blend Layers.
Okay, at the top of your layers window there should be a drop-down box that says "Normal". Play with these settings while having the duplicated layer selected. Clicking this step shows some examples. I also lowered the opacity of some.
For this I went with Color Dodge, 50%. ;3

Step 5: Select a Color Theme.
Being as color is important in my tut, go ahead and do this. OR you could just skip this and readjust color later on.
Make a new layer over the duplicated layer. And fill it with a color.
I chose to go with an orange theme. ^^

Step 6: Blend the Layer of Color.
Do this just like you did with the blurred layer. Usually, I don't use the "Color" setting, as it looks dull.
For this I chose Overlay, 100%.

Step 7: Play Around with that Color Layer.
Remember the setting you chose for the color layer. Now you're gonna change it to Color Dodge, Linear Dodge, some type of Burn, or SOMETHING. Just so you get something that's kinda cool. This step also makes the sig either darker or brighter.
So, go to Select>Select All. Then go to File>Copy MERGED. Paste as new layer. Reset layer color's blending style.
This step probably made no sense. D:

Step 8: Blend and Order.
Look at the image for this step. See the settings? The first two are ABOVE the layer of color and the last two are BELOW it.
I chose to go with Hue, 100%, ABOVE layer. :3

Step 9: Controlled Coloring
I really get into sig making. XD
Ok, see any weird color figments you dislike? I do. I don't like the yellow in the leaves.
So make a new layer and color over it. And then set the setting to Color or something of your liking.
Or you could just color over something to make it blend/stand out.
I really do adore how her hair/eyes stand out now... <3

Step 10: Brushing.
I love brushes. They don't love me at times, though.
This process involves alot of layers.
If you brush up something and have it just to your liking, make a new layer for the next brushes you choose. PLAY with the SETTINGS. Opacity and Blending settings play a nice role.
Most of the next steps will be tips. :D

Step 11: DON'T Ignore the Smallest of Changes!!

More like a tip, but meh.
If you apply a brush and it just barely looks different? KEEP IT.
Most people will consider only large changes.
But remember! 1+1=2!! These will add up!

Step 12: A Brush Tip.
Look at the image for better info.
Like I said, play with blend settings and opacity. Even go into Layer>Layer Styles and apply some stuff there.

Step 13: Patternize.
It's not a word, but I'll use it because I'm sure I can. D:
Patterns. I love patterns. They add texture and more appeal. Like grids, scanlines, dots, checkerboard patterns, and so on. Image has more info, yet again.

Step 14: Glowing Substance (Like Sparklies).
I added some sparklies because I thought it'd look cuter...? :D
They can be anything other than sparklies, too. :o
Outer Glow will be your friend in no time. (Again, see image for better info.)

Step 15: Adding Grunge.
This gets messy. Just follow as the image says. >o

Step 16: Adding Text.
Finally! >D
Add some text and make it "fit, but stand out."
Varsity text would look kinda weird with this image, so I chose a cute script font.
I wanted to brown to stand out more, so it's there. See how it fits and still stands out? :D

Step 17: Add a Border.
I know, I changed the font and added some text in the corner. I like to insert lyrics from a song I was listening to while making it. D:
Ask yourself if you're done. If so, proceed with doing the following:
1)Flattening Image
2)Duplicating it.
3)Applying a 2px Stroke of White, Inside.
4)Repeating Steps 1 and 2.
5) Adding a 1px Stroke of Black, Inside.
You can do it differently, of course! :D

And you're done. :o
The only reason it doesn't look like the one I have now is because I adjusted colors later. XD
I was very blunt on some of this stuff, I know. I'll make seperate tuts for teh details. DX
I'm also willing to ask any questions. >o


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