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Default Re: Red/Blue/Yellow Game Discussion

Originally Posted by PkmnTikiGod View Post
What I like about the original RBY is that it is where Pokemon began. Granted, the graphics suck compared to the new tech but I still love my old game boy color games. I get a sense of nastalgia.

My teams for RBY are all the same because they work for me. I trade the starters over as soon as I get the Pokedex and I'm able to trade between the three. With the starters, I'm able to beat Brock and Misty right away.

My team is:
(after they have been evolved from their youngest evolution of course)
Did I answer your question?

Another cool aspect of RBY and GSC is trading between these sets of games. In my games Yellow gets it's starters from Red and Blue. You can get all three starters in Yellow at Level 10. Since I already have the starters at the beginning of Yellow I don't need them. When I become able to trade between RBY and GSC I trade those level 10 Yellow starters over to Crystal so Crystal can use them for the collection. This way they are not wasted.
Exactlly YES! the old games are crappy for graphics but my god they are fun!
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