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Default Re: Your Game Stats

Originally Posted by Lan View Post
The official thread to post your Rescue Team stats.

Leader: (You, your starting Pokemon)
Play Time:
If you fake your stats, you suck, and have no friends and no life.
Wow, got no life? Seriously, my stats are official as of this day before I go out on another dungeon mission:

Ash (Pikachu) Level 55, 886106 exp, 8 star rating
Partner May the Chikorita (I'm evolving soon as I get the thunderstone for Pikachu for friends share evolution) level 54 (learned solarbeam at long last), 788971, 6 star rating
I generally take along:

Polliwag 1 and 2, one will be Pollitoed, the other will be Polliwhirl after level 43
Zigzagoon (needs belly drum)
Poochyena (need to watch its HP for it wonders on low HP)

Dream recruits:
so many to name, but want the RSE and RB starters. Trying to get Ralts, but need suring that my team won't faint in key dungeons.

Saving up to buy all friend areas from Wigglytuff, acquired the 4 friend areas in game that I needed after mission completitions.

Reached hill of ancients
Took to road as fugitives
Prevented meteor collision
(scary part was Gengar dragging me to the dark place, but didn't do it.)
(Nearly teared up to go home after saving the land of Pokemon. I wanted to stay with my best friend the CHikorita who saved me constantly. Glad one can have a choice)

Rescue team base built, and prevented the Mankey from destroying it after they won't get anymore chestnuts
Rescued Smeargle
114 moves were learned
110 Pokemon joined team
1 thieving mission succeeded
2181 floors explored

ANd I just have 2 pages of logs

Team is A team (80s TV show obviously )
Location, ATeam base: motto is if you need help and you know where to find them, you better contact the A team of Pikachu and CHikorita, soon to be Raichu and Meganium
Time 81:26:20
260 adventures
Have on the pics: Zapdos, Moltres, Articuno, Groudong, Rayquaza, Kyogre

And that was my ESPN 3 minute highlights, with Pikachu and CHikorita on adventures more wild then a football game!
ATeam's elite members. If you are stuck in a dungeon, you better contact the ATeam.
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