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Originally Posted by ~*KhrypticCello*~
Name: Odin
Pokemon: Alakazam
Gender: Male
God of...: Magic and Divination. Is the father of the Norse pokegods.

Description: Wears golden chain mail, an animal hide cloak, and primitive wool pants. Odin had a long beard.

Other: Has no weapon, but is highly telekinetic. Odin is always in a good mood and has a good sense of humor.

Odin has a Spear as a Weapon and also has one Eye (Not sure which one it is). When he was gonna get his Wisdom, he had to sacrifice one Eye to get it.
Brian/Alakazam is gonna kill me is he wants to join this RPG but none of the other ones appeal to me and also Ninja (my RL friend) suggested I join this RPG. I don't join RPGs here often, which is usually due to their poor quality and short posts. I hope this is not a dissapointment if it ever get off it's feet.

So um, anyway, I'd like to take Odin, if you don't mind.
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