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Default Death Penalty

Death penalty isn't allowed in my country (Belgium) yet, but there's a lot of discussion about it. A girl I know has told me her opinion. She's strongly against death penalty, but even though I agree with everything she says, I still choose for death penalty to be allowed.

Her opinion:
1. You can't play God
2. Innocent people could die
3. The convicted person wouldn't suffer anymore
4. One good thing: Less people in jail :/

Our country doesn't know where to put convicted people anymore. So that would be a good thing.

My opinion, death penalty if:
1. If there's no doubt for innocence
2. Very very bad crimes
3. If they aren't sorry for their acts

For example. I don't know if anybody knows Mark Dutroux, but he's the biggest child seducer of my country. His record is 500 000 pages long (seriously). He seduced about 20 people. In the beginning only women above 18, then he had to go to jail for 8 years, and then he started over again with 12 y old girls. The investigation took 8 years :/ And now he's finally in court. The trial is running for about 4 days now. (Man I should make a whole topic about him O_O )
My point is... I think they should just kill him -_-
Someone even put a mini guillotine (was that spelled right?) in front of the court building XD "I'm just putting everyone's thoughts into acts" he said.

In such cases, I'd really kill them. A loooong painful death -_- He let 2 girls starve to death, I'd give him the same penalty
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