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Default Re: Pokémon Shinou (DS League)

Originally Posted by Pokemon Trainer Sarah View Post
The Grass-starter's my favourite so I'm happy Ash has it.

Pocchama really reminds me of Torchic, so the fact they gave it to the new girl kinda makes me think that she's going to be a lot like May, which therefore makes me think that May might not be in this season...
Yeah perhaps you're right. To date there have always been at least three travellers (except in the early episodes of each season) so assuming that May, Max and Brock have been written out, could the mysterious man in the poster be a new companion? And in the Hoenn/Battle Frontier seasons Ash, May and Brock each had one of the three starting Pokemon from Hoenn. Saying as Ash has the grass starter and the girl has the fire starter I wonder if the new companion (assuming there is one) will have the water starter?
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