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Default Re: Message Pokemon Trivia

Dude, don't be a jackass. If you don't want to run it, don't post in here. I would run it, but that'd mean easy trivia questions and that I can't compete.

But hell.

Btw: You seem to have forgotten that some of the section judges were only gotten after Harry went around IMing people and asked for them to judge. Netbattle, for example. So unless you did go around personally asking everyone, I suggest you don't make a fool of yourself.

Application Form
Name: mlugia
Reason for Applying: Because everyone else is lazy and TT is being an ass about it and not wanting to apply even though he knows he can be a good triviamaster.
Credentials: None, but I'm sure I can give better questions than TT because TT doesn't want to run it.
Edit: Forgot to add that I can actually work hard and find questions that are hard to answer so it'd require brainwork instead of a good computer to earn my Trivia point :(
Also, I already Judge Netbattle, but since as Netbattle's judge, all I do is update the win count each week of battles done, it's not exactly the hardest job to do. It's not a competition based on bias, but rather on hard numbers, which is why doing Message Trivia on the side would be easy for me. Either you won or you lost, for both sections, that is.

So yes, make me Trivia quizmaster.
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