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Originally Posted by Mizu
Can you be a demon? I'm thinking of Samutra(dont remmeber actual word)-no-Orochi, from japanese mythology?
Er... well, I guess you could be a benevolent demon...? Because I already have something planned for villains...
So yeah! okay, just fill you the form:

God of...: [self explanitory, and if related to another god, please state]
Description: [Clothes]
Other: [include weapon(s), personality, and love intrest]

Originally Posted by Tristan
Can i be...

Name: Poseidon
Pokemon: Golduck
Gender: Male
God of...: The Ocean and Water. Brother of Zeus.
Description: Wears a blue toga with raindrops on it. More aquatic than normal (His tail is like that of a mermaid, gills, etc.)
Other: Weapon of choice is the trident, which can change rocks into Rapidashes. He is married to a sea nymph. Poseidon is calm, quiet, and serious.

...please? Oh, and does he turn Rocks into a firey horse? Isn't he, uh...water-ish? Just curious, lol.
Lovely! Poseidon has joined.

[Answering question]
Poseidon created horses for men and gods, and the horse was one of his symbols. And rapidash is the only horse pokemon, be it fire or not.
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