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Oz Ranger's Fanfiction

OR's Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Rating: G
Genre: General/Trainer Journey
Status: Ongoing Series - First Episode Complete
Summary: This is my interpretation of what Pokémon Diamond and Pearl is to be. I am writing this in script format, because I have more important projects to worry about, and this means I can get it done faster. Updated in most cases weekly.

Inspiration: I thought of this since the first fight against Brandon, doing it. But haven't got round to doing it since now. Now, I am glad I am doing it.

The Champions
Rating: For now - PG
Genre: Adventure/Trainer Journey/sort of angst
Status: In progress - Novel
Summary: It was recorded in the history books that somewhat 200 years ago that the land of Kanto was easily taken over by the tyrants of Team Maelstrom. The Poké Champions of the Round Table where formed, each member specialising in a particular type of Pokémon, plus, covering the weaknesses of that specific type.

A new Trainer beginning on a journey does not realise that within the next few months of his life, everything he knows and loves will be turned on the head. Argus will become one of the Poké Champions that has admired in the History Books...

Inspiration: The Champions came to my mind like a lightning bolt while reading some fanfiction about adventure...that's it. Nothing more to it.

Journey of the Champion: Red
Rating: PG-13 for later chapters
Genre: General/Angst/Action/Trainer Journey
Status: In progress - Novel
Summary: The chronicle of the legendary Trainer was lost among the pages of time; distorted till none of the true tale was left to tell. One of the most legendary Trainers to have set foot in Kanto, many who never knew his true face called him Red. But truly, his story was not recorded, so it was left to the people to predict his journey. In the beginning, he was just a twelve-year-old with a dream. But by the end, he had seen the true colours of the world….

Joseph Redwood is about to set out on a Pokémon Trainer. Never does he realise, that he will become one of the most legendary Trainers in Kanto. This is the sad story of Red, our protagonist of the games.

Inspiration: I thought of this a mere few days ago. There I was, thinking about the older Metal generation games. With Red sitting in a cave, all secluded. With what possible parents wanting to name him Red, I felt like something might have happened that destroyed him psychologically, letting him be stuck in a cave. So, this is my answer to the dilema. I am telling the story that the games never told of Red.

I am back, with the Hellfire Monkey of PWNage!
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