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Default Re: Rebuilding Iraq

Someone asked me a question. I answered. That wasn't justification for entering. That was right. If you wanted justification, just ask.

O.K. early intelligence from Alqaeda stated that Saddam had givin funding to the orginization. That was part of the justification for an attack on Iraq. Apparantly our terrorrist orginization lied.

BTW: It wasn't just Bush. When his father was in office, he legally set up a regime change for Iraq in the to-do list of the nation. Clinton followed through with this list scarcely. Mostly by relying on Aerial attacks. Problem was that they did little to nothing. (Remember how Clinton attacked Iraq right before he was impeached to distract people?)

It didn't matter who came into office next. They would have to follow through with the plan for a regime change. For all we know, Gore could've done the same thing.

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