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Default Re: Rebuilding Iraq

Originally Posted by Alakazam
We've been trying to assuage the Israeli-Palestinian confluct for years, and that's very different situation than Iraq, a poor parallel, I must say.

Everyone hates us? Why wouldn't they? The president openly named countries as evil, dennounced Iraq as housing terrorists without ample proof, has imperialized numerous areas in the world, allow ourselves to have nukes but no other countries can, and much more.

Do you really think that if we didn't invade Iraq that the world opinion of the US would be that much better? I don't think so.
Look we never had a right to destroy Iraq but we have a job to fix it. If you guys don't remember Desert Storm you'll find out that we gave Iraq the power because another country(Forgot Name) was terrorizing Iraq. So Bush can get outta office cause Sadam is alive and the elections are coming SOON.
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