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Author's information:
Well, I actually started writing since I was in middle school. From that time to today, I had been going back and forth on writing. The last time I quit writing was in eleventh grade. The reason for that was I forced myself to make one of my stories longer (big no no) and the characters weren't very believeable. I then got back to writing after I read some fanfiction at some forums. Right now I actually had done two fanfictions and am doing two more. ^^

Favorite Authors: Ernest Hemingway, Tim O' Brien
Favorite Books:The Harry Potter series, Old Man and the Sea, Da Vinci Code, Mystic River, Lovely Bones, The Things They Carried
School level:University student
Type fandom written: So far only Pokemon but planned to try out other fandoms


Take Fifty Five
Summary: Pidge and Mell are movie producers who were trying to make a Pokemon movie called "Kingdom of Pokemon". When one of the actresses they had rejected got really furious, she will do anything to be in that movie. Shortages of cameras and craziness ensures!
Genere: Comedy/Oneshot
Rating: PG-13 for suggestived themes.
Personal Experience: I got this idea for the story one day after seeing a commercial for one of those entertainment shows (ET, The Insider, etc.) and said in my head "Who cares!" (Really, it's true!).After that, that is how the story is made. Originally, this story was going to be longer and have A LOT more characters, but when the Laughingstock Comedy One Shot contest at Serebii forums came, I decided to enter the story in the contest and so I made it shoter for it. ^^
Personal Rating: 8/10 I really loved the characters in the story. Still, this was the first time I did comedy and I think I could had done a little better with the plot (mostly the ending). At least it got fifth place at Serebii's Laughingstock Comedy One Shot Contest.
Status: Completed ^^

Summary: Pidge and Mell suddenly found out that a couple of other producers want their movie to be shleved forever. Soon, that will led Pidge in finding out a secret Mell had been keeping away from him for a long time.
Genere: Comedy/Drama/Chaptered Fic
Rating: PG-13 for violence, language, and crude humor.
Status:Prologue and first chapter posted. However, I am writing the sixth chapter at the moment. Almost done with the story. =D
Personal Experinece Got inspired after doing the sequel after thought of a joke Pidge can say about a couple of the D/P Pokemon. ^O^ So far, I am having fun writing this story. XD

Those Eyes
Summuary: It will be dejavu for Brad Mouse again when he goes visit his ex-wife's Pokemon Daycare Center.
Genre: Drama/Romance/One Shot
Rating: PG
Personal Experience: Got inspired after one of my friends told me a summary of a play he's in. To bad I wasn't able to make that play. ;_; I then suddenly relate that little summary of my friend's while playing my Sapphire game. When I went to the daycare center I thought to myself, "how was their relationship like?" XD
Personal Rating: 9/10. Truth be told, I am not a big romance fan. However, I think this is my best writing yet. Also, I like Cathy a lot. XD


Mori (Coming January/ February)
Summary: Ever wondered what is at the other side of the world? Ever wondered how a world is liked without Internet, television, and people not knowing anything about gym leaders? Gabby Norris will find one group of people living at that kind of place, and she will actually learn a thing or two about them.
Genere: Original Trainer/Drama/One Shot
Rating: PG
Status: Done, but needs some scenes edited. ^^
Personal Experinece: Got this idea after reading a paragraph from my American Government book. O.o I thought of this idea of what would happen if a person who knows a lot about modern life meets someone who lived in a very, very simple lifestyle.

Pure Distance (Coming January/ February)
Summary: One Pokemon trainer dreams of one day train the legendary Suicune. When he one day found that Pokemon uncounciness in the rain, he decided to take care of it. Soon, he found out taking care of a legendary is different from taking care of a normal Pokemon. Top that with trying to hide it from friends and family, teaching it attacks that it forgot, dealing with its nightmares, and the rivarly.
Rating: PG
Status: Not written yet. XD
Personal Experinece: A little take on "Pokemon trainer training a legendary" kind of idea.

(Banner by katiekitten)
Nothing, Everything (Coming October 2007)
Summary: Bunny Spruce one night got fasley accused of the murder of a man she doesn't knew very well. It soon turned into a series of events that will teach her a lesson or two of the strengths and flaws of history, her favorite subject.
Rating: PG-14
Status: Almost done, just need to do a few more scenes
Personal Experience: The original version I wrote in the summer of 2006 but then stopped while in college. After I got out of summer school this year, I got inspired to do this story again. I really have good vibes about it.

For now I am just going to put quick notes on future fanficiton works I am thinking of doing. Will have more elobrated detail when have time. ALSO, will edit this page again as I have some other fics written and some that I decided to quit on.

Chaptered fanficiton
-Thinking of rewriting "Nothing, Everything" after in the original I quit writing that story after finished 11 chapters. This time, I got an idea of what direction I want the story go to and also plan to have the story in 16 chapters. Not one hundred percent sure yet.
-Probably quiting "Through the Lenses" (did a preview thread of it) and instead turn it into a one shot.

One Shots
-A one shot for another contest at Serebii. Won't say the summmary of the story though :X
-A one shot dealing with shines XD

Will add more later. ^^
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+Nothing, Everything+

Chapter Thirteen: It's All a Contest up (12/28/08)

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