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Default Re: Pokemon FR/LG Chat

Originally Posted by GreenF!reR@ge
I will hate if you need that friggen e-reader to get Deocxs and Lugia/H-oh. Plus I hate that you can only get one ledendary dog at a time depending on what starter you pick. But I can't wait till the games come out!!!!!!!!!! Im gonna train Magmar,Venasuar, Poliwrath, Alakazam, Deocxs, and Lugia/Ho-oh. But thats just one of my teams im gonna train
Hopefully you have a gameshark/E-Reader for that team. What was the point of Deoxys in the game if you still need a gameshark/E-reader to get him? And Nintendo excited everyone by adding in these legendaries which 3 of them you cant obtain in the game without gameshark/E-reader

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