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Default Re: How does Buena's Password works?

Originally Posted by Keen_Eye View Post
I'm listning on her show, but I don't know how to get some points, pls. tell me how?

(it's in Crystal version, I'm talking about)
i havent played crystal for a while but im pretty sure it works like this:

-u hear the password that she says on the radio (i believe you can only hear it at night)
-once youve heard the password go to goldenrod radio tower and talk to her.. (i think she is on the 2nd or 3rd floor)
-she will say a question and gives you 3 answers to choose from
-the word that she said before will be in those 3 answers... select the correct answer then she will give you a point.
-talk to the other woman there to trade in your points for prizes
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