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Default Re: Story Archive

Crystal Eon Guardian's Fanfiction

Pokezone: The story of a G-ref
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure/ Humour
Status: Chapter 8
Summary: Watch(Read) the exciting adventures of me, Megan, While I kick the butts of Uber dragonites, get owned by Kyogre, and... Watch naruto? GO NEJI! Oh, yeah. While I insanely hunt for mew, Kill Team grunts, Form Team avengers, make sure everyone knows about my tragic past, drink soda with daniel, get outrun by old ladies, and most imporantly, climb my way upwards on the ladder of success! Eric! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! A conservation ranger needs their pokemon!

The Ocean's tide
Rating: PG
Genre: Adventure/ Action
Status: Still in the works.
Summary: After randomly deciding Nami, a RP character, would just adore having her story dramatically altered by turning legendary ninja spirits into ghosts of pokemon masters, I got this. Different speciallized trainers leave home for the adventure of a lifetime! Watch as seven young trainers own gangs, rivals, and evil people!

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