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Default Re: Tales from the Pokémon Crypt

*Empty room*
*Runs in panting heavily*
So..rry...had to buy....some meat for eating slugs....*deep breath* glad to see all you boils and ghouls have returned. Well what do you want? Oh another story, geez I'm only one crypt-keeper just a second let me feed my slugs. *bends down to hand piece of meat to giant slug, slug bites arm off* Ooooooo I'm gonna feel that tommorow! Anyway, oh ya a story, well my hungry little friend here *kicks slug* has given me an idea.....

"I'm so excited about our trip to the Bogburst Swamp!" Jenny exclaimed happily to Pablo.

"Yeah I hope we get to see lots of cool Pokémon!" Pablo replied as he walked next to Jenny. "Well I'll see ya tommorow." Pablo shouted as he ran up the steps to his house throwing his back-pack in the door.

"Bye Pablo, see ya tommorow!" Jenny cried as she walked on towards her own house.

After a good nights' sleep Pablo awoke slowly and got out of bed. He lazily walked over to his bathroom and looked in the mirror.

"AHHHHHHHHHHH" He screamed loudly as he glared at the reflection, it was a hideous creature...."Woah...ow!" Pablo shouted as he fell out of bed. He once again lazily walked to the bathroom, drained his main vein if you get my drift, brushed his teeth, cleaned up and then went down for breakfast.

Pablo was half through his soggy bowl of Pokéloops when Jenny rang the doorbell.

"Come'on in!" Pablo shouted loudly. Jenny appeared at the kitchen doorway.

"Your not done breakfast yet! We were supposed to leave 15 mins ago!" Jenny exclaimed looking at her watch.

"Ah hold your friggen Horseas." Pablo replied quickly downing the rest of his cereal, half choking. "Alright let's go." He said as he grabbed his back-pack.

After a short skateboard ride and walk down through the woods they arrived at the filthy swamp. They hopped onto a shady looking home-made log raft and began to paddle out.

"I brought some food to snack on if your still hungry?" Jenny said as she pulled some candy bars and such out of her back-pack. She set it down on the raft and reached back into her pack.

"Hey, what the heck, something just ate our snacks!" Jenny shouted.

"Forget that, something just ate my back-pack!" Pablo screamed turning around to reveal a large hole in the back of his shirt.

Suddenly an incredible force flipped their raft over and they went sailing into the disgusting swamp.

" okay?!" Pablo gurgled as he reached the surface.

"Yeah I'm fine...What was that?!" Jenny questioned worriedly.

"I dunno, but it's coming back!!!" Pablo cried as he pointed to a large fin sticking out of the mucky water. Pablo and Jenny quickly swam off as the fin began to gain on them. Pablo shot down under the surface.

"Pablo!" Jenny screamed. She grabbed a nearby floating stick and began to beat the large fin, now moving around violently in the water. Pablo emerged once again from the slimey surface and began to swim again. Jenny trailed after him and they finally reached the land. Jenny then noticed the creature had eaten Pablo's pants and began to giggle.

"Jenny, now isn't the time let's get the heck out of here!" Pablo squealed as he began to run off. Before Jenny tore off after him she glanced back to see a very large Feraligatr munching down on a pair of blue jeans.

*Sews on a discolorated arm* Oh your back, so as you can see a large appetite can sometimes be a large problem. There we go, good as new. *Moves new arm around freely* *Slug jumps up and bites off other arm*
WHAT THE...! SON of A...! Ah well, at least they keep those pesky traveling salesmen away. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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