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Default Re: evolving feebas

Originally Posted by ducker
i know, iv'e been breading them since thier so rare. i've had no chesto berries in my game, the best iv'e got is oran which splits the beauty and cool condition in2 1, however this is if u choose to blend the oran berrie in2 a indigo the super rank contest hall. in the normal rank contest hall it blends blue berries which of course are much weaker.
My advice is: Don't use Chesto berries or Oran berries to evolve Feebas.
According to
Group "C" (levels ~11)
Chesto Berry - Blue
Oran Berry - Indigo
Lum Berry - Indigo
Bluk Berry - Indigo
Weaper Berry - Indigo

Group "B" (levels ~23) (talk to berry master to get these four berries)
Wiki Berry - Indigo
Kelpsy Berry - Indigo
Hondew Berry - Indigo
Cornn Berry - Indigo

Group "A" (levels ~45)
Pamtre Berry

In this list it separates them into 3 classes, A, B, and C. C would be all
the berries that are NOT recommended to use for making Pokéblocks to evolve Feebas with. However B is a very viable choice, and when these blocks are fed to Feebas it should be almost guaranteed to evolve. Also finally you find the Group A berries, or rather berry. You can feed this to Feebas and not even have to feed him 12 to max out beauty. The preferred berries usually used are Cornn, Hondew, and Kelpsy.
To get Pamtre berry:(need to beat elite 4 first)
If you tell
the "Berry Master's Wife" the phrase "CHALLENGE CONTEST" then she will give
you one Pamtre berry, the only 'A' class berry. You only get one however,
and telling her the phrase again will not get you another. Make sure you
plant it and grow more, and that way you can make sure to always have at
least one.
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