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Originally Posted by Thunderbird
Firstly, this post belongs to RS board.

It is becoz u should feed it high level berries. Your Feebas' beauty hasn't maxed out even after it stopped eating berries. Sorry but u'll hv to catch another Feebas and do the above process over again.
i know, iv'e been breading them since thier so rare. i've had no chesto berries in my game, the best iv'e got is oran which splits the beauty and cool condition in2 1, however this is if u choose to blend the oran berrie in2 a indigo the super rank contest hall. in the normal rank contest hall it blends blue berries which of course are much weaker.

u must always plant the chesto berrie every where because its the only hope of getting your feebas 2 evolve, unless of course the berrie masters wife gives u 1 but thats if u give her the right saying 2 unlock the chesto berrie.