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Default Re: What is your RBY/GSC Team?

Crystal (Half Way Done)

Lv. 42 Red Gyarados
Surf, Whirlpool, Hydro Pump, Waterfall

Lv. 42 Feraligatr
Surf, Slash, Cut, DynamicPunch

Lv. 45 Kadabra
Psychic, Thunder Punch, Flash, Fire Punch

Lv. 43 Haunter
Shadow Ball, Psychic, Hypnosis, Curse

Lv. 42 Graveler
Earthquake, Rollout, Strength, Headbutt

Lv. 43 Pidgeot
Fly, Wing Attack, Quick Attack, Mud Slap

Hatched @ 20 posts
Charmeleon @ 47 posts
Charizard @ 107 posts
Level 100 @ 305 posts

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