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Default Blue Wind-Time of Death

Let the wind blow its own way..
Don't try to control it..
Or your face most conequences...

As Nick, Emma, Raffy, and Sharina walk to Kinesto city, they spot the dome over the mountain. "Well,from here we'll be able to got to the Pokemon Dome by the start of evening" Raffy said. "How many minutes is that, Sharina?" Emma then said. "Well, about 4 hours." Sharina replied. "4 hours!!?!?!" Emma said. "Well,let's find a tram to get there guys. Besides,it's only 2 PM." Nick said. "2 PM?!? I thought it was 4 already...." Emma said. "Well let's find the tram!" Last one is paying for our admission to the Pokemon Dome!" Ash said. Then the gang set off to the road. While nearby...............

"Erghh..." a voice cried. "Get up now, Glen." "You still have to do something for me." Another voice replied. "What...what do you want...Andy?" Glen said. "I want you to play the Pokemon game. Defeat the little swines known as Nick,Emma,Raffy,and Sharina." Andy replied. "No...why...them..." Glen cried. "Now go you worthless fool!" Andy kicked him on the ground. "Erghh...." Glen said. He stood up and walked away.

"Hmmm...haaa...worthless fool...."

Blue Wind-Time of Death

Chapter 1-Sais,the Famed.

4 hours later.....

"Well we're there!" Nick said. "Phew we're finally there." Raffy replied. "Eek,I forgot!" Emma and Sharina replied. "What did you forget"? Nick asked. "Are Pokemon cards!" They both cried. "0_0" Nick and Raffy showed shocked. "Well,since we're in the Pokemon Dome, why don't we get those booster packs?" Sharina replied. "Ok. After that,we go register ok?" Nick said. "Ok!"


"Sais,will you defeat them rascels for me?" "Of course,master"

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