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Default Re: They better get Misty back

Misty won't come back because she has nothing to do there. She would follow Ash again and she would be his cheerleader. Her place is in Gym, she is needed there and she feels great. I don't see her by Ash's side. Misty is ok but May has a goal. She wanna win Grand Festival. Last time she almost won and next time she will be a winner (I hope so). I know, you will be disappointed but May and Max are liked by fans, they are very popular in Japan, more popular than Misty. That why writers won't take them from the anime.

I understand, some people dislike May but she isn't bad. I like her personality because May is friendly, nice and smart. Only one thing annoys me: her pokemon. They are weak but they win almost every match. Its not fair. Writers sometimes forget about levels and stats.
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