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Default Re: Chase's Reffing Book

Cinnabar Island Gym Battle
4 VS 4
no items
sleep clause
Tall Grass terrain
Sunny Weather

Mikey: Charizard, Houndoom, Arcanine
Player Slayer: Charizard, Feraligatr, Salamence, Jolteon

Mikey and PS opened up with Charizard. PS tried a Toxic, but Mikey wanted to be faster. He began with Dragon Dance, and finished with Rock Slide. Feraligatr managed to hold its own until Toxic was able to take out Charizard. Houndoom came in and opened up with a Solar Beam. Salamence came in, and was hit by Will-o-Wisp. After that, Houndoom missed two times in a roll with Overheat. Salamence took over and took the lead. Arcanine came up with Imtimidate. With burn and intimidate, Salamence was already bad enough. When it used Iron Tail, Arcanine used Curse. With Salamence only at about 20%, Arcanine used Return before Salamence could hit him. Jolteon came out for a hopeful comeback. It was over when it missed Thunder. Arcanine finished with Return, and Mikey and his Arcanine called it a game.

I'd like to say good game to the both of you.

Mikey: 2,000; Gym Defended
Player Slayer: 1,000
Chase: 2000


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