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Default Re: Search for the Soul Edge

No no, you guys both have Taki as an ally. Maybe yu should sort that out, seeing that being allied with Taki might be travelling together, going separate ways, but won't fight each other, etc. Of course, if both of you are going to hang around with Taki, you're gonna have to sort things out. Usually, this doesn't seem to be a problem considering siblings don't tend to stick with each other anyway (esp. when one is trying to surpass the other in the exact same thing).

This comes to JolteonMaster and I. Anyway, just want to know tell you my plans with Talim: I plan to basically travel with Talim for some "interesting" journeys. Any objections? I tend to be flexible with this (as the RP hasn't started yet and I can change my data/background). So...just give me a word. =P

Oh btw, I won't be here, as I said, starting tomorrow. So...Ninja, start when you want. I can catch up (and Jolteon, I guess you can start too. We can sort this out as we go along, or you can kinda leave Talim traveling with you until we sort this out, or something... )
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