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Default Re: What is your Ruby/Sapphire Emerald Team?

my new updated team is... (in order of capture )

Blaziken lv.54
nature: hardy
item: charcoal

-rock smash
-brick break
-blaze kick

Gyarados lv. 53
nature: modest
item: focus band

-dragon dance
-hydro pump

Bellossom lv.53
nature: rash
item: miracle seed

-giga drain
-sludge bomb
-petal dance
-sleep powder

Magneton lv. 53
nature: sassy ( )
item: magnet

-tri attack

Flygon lv. 53
nature: relaxed
item: soft sand

-dragon claw

Crawdaunt lv.54
nature: calm
item: mystic water

-ice beam

there thats it... i know its not too good strategy-wise but its good in game and good for beating my friends so....
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