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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Ixidor heard vex and it took him a second to figure out what he said, but as soon as he did, he was spriting through alleyways towards the edge of sandwire, after a while of sprinting, he stopped, there was a police officer, standing at the end of the alleyway, ixidor braced himself, and then sprinted straight at the cop, just before he was on him ixidor jumped, kicked off the wall and tackled the cop straight in the neck, when he laned he checked to make sure the cop was still alive, after he was certain of a pulse, he ran out one of the back entrances to sandwire and out into the dessert, heading in a direct line for the pathfinders HQ, he had a few days journey ahead, and no supplies, it was gonna be a hella long walk............