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Default Re: PE2K Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment!

Oops, yeah you're right, Austin did lose.

Ric Flair was funny. He looked like a madman at the end when he was "wooing" and strutting.

If I could make the perfect WMXX, this would be it:

Undertaker vs. Kane - Make this a coffin match. A buried alive match would've been nice, but Undertaker's already done that this year.
Goldberg vs. Brock, Steve Austin Spec. Ref (60 minute Ironman Match) - There probably wouldn't be enough time for this, but I say get rid of the evening gown and cruiserweights.

John Cena vs. Eddie Guerrero (US Championship) - IMO I don't think that Eddie should be champion and the Eddie vs Angle match seems more like a Smackdown match than a PPV match.
Big Show vs. Kurt Angle (WWE Championship) - I'd rather see these two fight for the Championship.
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels (I Quit Match, No DQ for World Heavyweight Title) - Only way to win is by submission and this way Triple H can't get Evolution or cheat. Also, make sure all the weapons like his sludgehammer are gone.
Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jerhico - Chris Jericho should be a main event and going against Christian will not help that, but Benoit will.

RAW Fatal Fourway (TLC Match for World Tag Team Titles) - Keep whoever is in it, but a tables, ladders, and chairs match would be better.
SMACKDOWN Fatal Fourway(WWE Tag Team Titles) - Have all eight men in the ring and have a sort of Royal Rumble where the only way lose is to get both partners thrown out of the ring.

Mick Foley with Rock at Ringside vs. Randy Orton with Batista and Flair at Ringside (Street Fight) - Rock can't just come and wrestle whenever he feels like it. This match would be much better with just two people.

Molly vs Victoria vs. Trish (Women's Champion) - Didn't Trish win the best women in WWE at the 10 year RAW anniversary or something? If she did, I think she should be in it.

I guess the cruiserweight open and evening gown match can stay but there wouldn't be any time left with that Ironman match.

I've already editted this once, but I've got MAJOR MAJOR NEWS. This could be a spoiler so scroll down if you want to see it.

Keep going....

Brock Lesnar is leaving the WWE. That's right, Brock Lesnar, is leaving to pursue a career in the NFL. I don't see any reason why he would. He is a star and at the top of the WWE making millions of dollars. I don't see why he would leave, he's not even a football player. However, there may be a chance that this is just a gimmick from Vince to get back at Wrestling News Media on the Internet, but probably not. Both Brock and Goldberg are leaving at Wrestlemania XX which makes this match very hard to predict. Now I think its going to end with Stone Cold stunning Brock and Goldberg.

Also, did you know that Sable is Brock's girlfriend? That's like gross. She's like older than him. A lot older, he's like half her age.

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