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Default 17- The Tan Gang Heist

Claude was on the side with the punching bags; hanging ones, bean bag ones, and some of the small ones. This would be an obstacle course.

Hitmonchan jumps back behind a line of six hanging punching bags from the high ceiling, three on the right side, three on the left. One foot forward, left fist up- Hitmonchan was ready.

“Jynx, start with Blizzard.” Jynx waves her hands in front, forming wind of ice. The powerful blast of snow makes its way through the hall of the punching bags but a fast Hitmonchan leaps right, going behind a punching bag. The blizzard moves to the bag and quickly covers it in snow. Hitmonchan leaps to the second row of the six bags, again, ready to go.

Claude is surprised. “It’s fast. And these punching bags provide cover. If only...” he snaps his fingers. “Ok, Blizzard again!”

Once more, Jynx waves her hands and releases the wind of ice and Hitmonchan moves left this time to avoid it. And another bag is frozen. Now Hitmonchan moves to the first row of bags and jumps forward with a quick jab to the head. *SMACK*

“Ah, Jynx, Double Slap.” Jynx furiously throws her hands wildly at the attacker, to back it off. “Gotta watch that quickness. Need to slow it down.”

Hitmonchan runs behind a bag in the first row. Suddenly the bag moves fast at Jynx, being punched from the other side. Jynx ducks down as the bag makes the second pass. And now, another bag is punched. And anther, and another. Four punching bags are moving around in all different directions while the two frozen bags remain still.

“Freeze those lines holding the punching bags.” Jynx aims a small gust of ice in the air, freezing one, then another. The two frozen lines snap, crashing the punching bags to the ground. But the one in the third and second row still move. “Wait! Where’s Hitmonchan?”

While concentrating on the moving targets, Hitmonchan has moved in to the left side and rushes in for a flurry of punches.

“Jynnxxxxx...” Jynx sits down on the ground as Hitmonchan runs back to the third row of punching bags. Everything is still for a moment. Jynx stands back up.

“Ok, mild set back. Time to go on offense. Jynx, move in.” Almost like dancing, Jynx wiggles down the hall of punching bags. The two from the first row lay at the side.

“Mon chan...” It vanishes into thin air and quickly reappears next to Jynx. *BIFF* Disappear, reappear... *POW* again... *BAFOO!* and once more, this time with a flame to the fist *WHIFF...* Jynx has reacted from the last punch, causing her head to be back as Hitmonchan aimed for it from the front with a Fire Punch Uppercut.

“Double Slap.”

Hitmonchan is pounded down by two quick moving hands which slap like crazy. Hitmonchan moves back, resting for a second. “Good, while it’s weak... fight it with your own punches.!”

Jynx wiggles in and prepares a fist full of ice to the punchy Pokemon. A direct hit to Hitmonchan. But this hit wakes it up from it’s rest. Now some seriousness. Hitmonchan thrusts its fist forward as Jynx dodges nicely to the side. Somehow, Jynx gains some fast feet. Maybe the action of boxing brings out the fist-fighters in Pokemon. Jynx moves behind a punching bag as Hitmonchan punches it. Having some of the line frozen, it snaps, and the bag is launched across the gym. While recovering from that, Jynx slams down her Pound attack and follows it with another Pound but Hitmonchan moves back behind a frozen bag.


The bag shatters from a sudden punch, ice particles flying at Jynx. Naturally, Jynx covers her face with her hands so as not to get hit in the eyes. Hitmonchan takes advantage and slickly moves under with fist back... moving in an underhand motion for a Sky Uppercut. Jynx is hit hard and flies across and lands on the left side of the wrestling ring where some kind of dust appears to be floating around.

Claude looks at Paul whom looks back. He gives the thumbs up while Paul sticks his tongue out at him.

Somehow, Jynx manages to find more strength. “Can’t beat Hitmonchan with my defense, can’t match its skills. So, gotta play dirty. Lovely Kiss.”

At this time, Hitmonchan is rushing again, seeing Jynx stand. The ‘chan wants to get this over with. It can see that Hitmonlee might need some help. Jynx moves her hand to her lips and blows a kiss. The kiss hits Hitmonchan and stops it dead in its tracks.

“Body Slam!”

Jynx jumps up and falls down on the puncher. Hitmonchan snaps out of the sleepy state and remembers what is going on. *KNOCK* Jynx is pushed off and Hitmonchan responds with a fast Fire Punch across the face. *FLAME*

Hitmonchan readies anther punch but Jynx sulks her head down, crying from the hit. She then looks up, tears flowing rapidly. Hitmonchan is stunned by this action and lowers its fist.

“Nice fake tears, Blizzard!” Jynx stops crying, smiles, and creates a fast flowing wind of snow and ice. Hitmonchan puts its gloves in front to block the attack, but nothing can stop it. Hitmonchan is launched across the punching bags, smashing into the other frozen one, breaking it to pieces.

Jynx moves away from the ring wall, a slow few steps. Tired. Hitmonchan uses the last of its strength for a final rush. It was down to this last attack.

“Freeze the floor.”

Claude quickly says as he steps back from the action so as not to be frozen. Jynx aims down and points some Icy Wind at the gym floor. It instantly freezes and before Hitmonchan would know it, it slides around uncontrollably towards Jynx. Unable to stand well enough, it can’t focus its punches. Jynx scrunches down, fist full of ice, and launches up, smacking Hitmonchan in the stomach, into the air, up and over the head of Jynx, and landing...

“Alright Machoke. This is what we prepared for. Time to see if we are indeed, ready.”

Machoke flexes its muscles, as Hitmonlee lanks around the ring. Karate against wrestling. An age old question of who can win this possibility. Machoke stands in the left bottom corner as Hitmonlee is in the top right. Machoke is the first to go.

“No, stay on defense first.” Paul yells but Machoke already went out too far. Hitmonchan took one long step forward, spun around and kicked Machoke in the head with its left foot. That long foot is only going to be harder to bypass.

Paul sighs. “Aw, forget the order, go in and grab it.”

Machoke shrugs it off and rushes forward, arms up in grabbing motion. Hitmonlee vanishes left and kicks up. *SMACK* Machoke turns to grab but a whole bunch of wild kicks are thrown at it.

“Block them.”

Machoke raises arms to block but the fast feet move under the arms to the stomach. Then stopping, Hitmonlee does a duck and spin, foot out and trips Machoke to the floor. Hitmonlee jumps up and lands on the top right pole in the corner of the ring. Machoke stands up from the hit and turns to face the kicker. But it’s already in the air and hard to see with the semi-darkness in the gym.

“Monlee...” Machoke is kicked back against the ropes, however, to Machoke’s advantage. The ropes sling Machoke back and arms ready. *SQUEEZE* Machoke grabs a hold of Hitmonlee. But the legs are the ones in need of a grab.

“Go into...” but Paul is cut off when Hitmonlee kicks Machoke in the special area. *GROIN!!!* Machoke backs off, letting go. Now in the center of the ring, Machoke shakes the pain away.

Paul strokes his mallet, “That’s cheap.”

Hitmonlee proceeds in a circular motion around the ring, clockwise. Using its Agility, it was hard to track. Machoke twists and turns, trying to watch it. He swipes down with a chop, missing of course. Occasionally, some kicks would come out; from behind, from the side. Hitmonlee has a definite advantage over the slower Machoke.

“No, swipe into the motion, not down. Swipe where it is coming from.” Machoke moves both arms for a Cross chop going counter-clockwise. Hitmonlee dives through the break in the arms and stops for a triple kick to Machoke. Then it proceeds in the circling.

Paul sighs, “This is very troublesome.” He goes to the right side of the ring and swipes his mallet in against the circling Hitmonlee. *SLIP* It fumbles from the unexpected trip and lands into the ropes, then bounces back into the ring. Machoke was already ready with a clothesline. Hitmonlee is down for now.

“Heh. That’s the way to do it Machoke. Now give it Seismic Toss.”

Machoke prepares to pick it up when a punching bag flies into the ring and knocks over Machoke. The bag falls to the right side of the ring, Machoke down on the floor. The advantage is lost as both Pokemon stand up and again, square off.

“Stupid Claude. But maybe.... Machoke, focus your energy.” Machoke closes his eyes for one second and gathers energy for this battle. Hitmonlee moves in fast. “Now, grab the punching bag for defense.” Machoke grabs down and lifts the bag in front. *RIP* Hitmonlee’s sharp feet have punctured the bag filled of dirt and dust. The foot is stuck for now. “Rip it to shreds.” Machoke, holding both sides of the bag, uses all of its energy to pull apart the bag at the hole. And just like that, the dirt and dust pours out all over the ring. A cloud of dust fills the air.

Paul watches as Jynx is suddenly thrown against the right side of the ring. Claude give a thumbs up while he sticks his tongue back at him. “Stupid Claude knocking punching bags at me.”

The cloud settles; Hitmonlee was covered head to toe in dirt and dust. Machoke the same.

“Throw the bag.”

Machoke throws the remains of the bag at Hitmonlee. He quickly moves to kick it but slips on the dirt on the ring floor.

Paul smiles. “Ha. Now who’s faster? Machoke, go in and get it.” Machoke rushes in to grab again but Hitmonlee jumps up into the air and does a vertical forward spin to kick down on Machoke. Machoke runs into the left bottom pole at the corner and turns around. He makes his way back out.

“Machoke, I have the answer. Keep moving forward get ready to block.” The muscle Pokemon steps forward in the direction of Hitmonlee. Hitmonlee reaches out it’s right foot... “Grab left...” Machoke puts his arms out and blocks the foot from doing damage. Hitmonlee is disabled. “Toss it into the ropes.” Machoke turns 180 degrees and Hitmonlee hits the ropes and bounces back to Machoke, ready for a Dynamic Punch. *WHACK!!!* Hitmonlee is down to the ground.

“You’re the champ Machoke. No one can beat you. Now pin for the win!” Paul was excited at this. He had never stolen a Pokemon directly from someone before and this was his first.
Machoke moves over and lays on the Pokemon....

*BUMP* A Hitmonchan is thrown at center ring and knocks into Machoke, who losses grip. Paul glares at Claude. “Get outta my area.” He points to his mallet threateningly.

Claude remarks shaking his head, “Then throw ‘em back. ...wait, better idea.” Claude points to his frozen Alakazam. “Throw it here.”

Paul commands. It’s not like Hitmonlee was going anywhere. Machoke grabs Hitmonchan by the legs and twirls around with Seismic Toss. *CRASH* The semi-melted ice cracks from the fighter Pokemon’s impact. And shortly, with a purple aura surrounding the ice, it shatters. Particles fly everywhere.

Machoke turns and realizes that Hitmonlee is moving. Paul orders a devastating throw to finish it off. Round and round he goes, where the throw will happen, is up to gravity. Release! Hitmonlee flies toward the back wall of the gym where heavy weights are displayed on the wall. Hitmonlee smacks into the bars, crashing to the ground. The top bar, with large discs at the end carrying heavy weight, comes loose, and lands on Hitmonlee’s legs, paralyzing it.


Claude looks up at the window, seeing Murkrow on the other side. It flyies straight into it, causing the glass to break as the dark birds flies in, rather hurt. It lands next to Claude.

“Why aren’t you in the van?” Murkrow drops a badge stating Police on it. “Oh!”

A shout from outside calls, “We have you surrounded. Please give up and come outside. You cannot teleport when we have disabled that feature.”

Claude kicks the ground. “Dang, they’re using the technology we stole from them. How are we going to finish the last phase?” Then he remembers the Hitmonchan. He turns to look at it...

Hitmonchan wouldn’t let this happen. Quick to its feet, Hitmonchan rushes forward with a slash punch to Alakazam. But all was necessary was a wave of the hand and Hitmonchan was floating in the air. It cringes from the pain as it is slammed against the ceiling. Releasing the psychic power, Hitmonchan falls to the ground, landing on one of the fallen punching bags from earlier. The dust flies, covering the puncher.

Claude already knows the outcome. “Hey Paul, where are you?”

Paul waves his arms in the air. “I’m over here, about to catch Hitmonlee.” Machoke had Hitmonlee pinned this time. No escape. No chance what-so-ever. Paul faces It. “Time for the Super Pokeball to fly.” It soars over the kicker and pulls it in. Only a few seconds, and the outcome would be displayed.

As for Hitmonchan, the dust has cleared. “Unlucky for you. You should have ran away instead of trying to defend your master.” Claude fires the Super Pokeball at the puncher and watches it go in. Alakazam returns to Claude’s side as he picks up Murkrow for comfort.
And poor Mr. Weller watches the whole thing, to see the fate of his two Pokemon...

Original Post: October 2003 at PE2K Proboards
(-o-)Hitmonlee Caught!
(-o-)Hitmonchan Caught!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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