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Default 17- The Tan Gang Heist

{PHASE 2: Sneak inside the mansion.}

Claude nods to Paul and Alakazam as they slide the van door closed and lock the doors. The three of them are on the outside of the van and look at the large mansion.

Claude motions to Murkrow. “Ok, go start on Phase 3. When you’re finished, fly back to the van and wait for us.”

“Murk... krow!” The dark crow flaps off into the sky.

{PHASE 3: Lights out.}

Alakazam knows this is his part. The world around grows fuzzy and in a zip of light, the three of them stand in the guard’s watch room. If it weren’t for the camera attached to Dragonair, Alakazam wouldn’t know where to teleport to. Dragonair lay in the corner, curled up, waiting for them. Paul points the Pokeball at Dragonair and recalls her.

“Shall we move on Paul?”

Paul shakes his head. “Just one more thing.” He raises his mallet and smashes it into the screens on the wall, and once at the computer. “There, much better.”

Claude sighs. “Be serious. Alakazam, Teleport to the gym.”

Again, a change in scenery. This time they teleport to an area unfamiliar and unplanned. They are in a room, with many books and shelves. Like a library. A man sits in the corner in a reclined leather armoire, wearing a lavender colored robe that rich people wear. He glances up from his book and takes a look at his unwanted guests. And putting two and two together, he leaps up and runs out the door next to him.

Claude rushes forward. “It’s Mr. Weller. He’s the owner of this mansion. Alakazam, use mental meltdown.”

A move that Claude created, using Alakazam’s strong psychic ability to damage a person’s brain. But as they run, Weller is already two steps ahead, passing through doors and long halls. The psychic energy can’t pass through these barriers. So Alakazam takes a rest.
Finally, after a long chase, they stop right before two large double doors, with the words, GYM on the top in a brown color.

“It’s like that sign is inviting us in.” Paul manages to say.

Claude smirks. “He went right where we wanted to go.”

The double doors smash open, slamming the walls next to them. Paul on the right, Claude on the left, and Alakazam behind them in the middle. They enter the gym.

The gym is large, like a regular school’s auditorium. The ceiling reaches well in the air, maybe even two stories tall. In the center of the gym, is a wrestling ring, with the traditional colors of ropes and stage area. And around the ring on the left side is training equipment and on the right side are some punching bags. There is some definite hardcore training going on here.

And on center stage in the arena, a Hitmonlee practices its kicks. But now it stops, wondering what is going on here. At its side, near the ropes, is Mr. Weller.

Claude looks at the camera in the left corner, knowing it’s turned off. Time for action.

“Claude, he saw our faces.”

“Yes, PAUL. Way to use my fake name.” Claude sighs, pushing this past himself. “Now, that we are here, you have no escape.” He leans back and throws a Pokeball forward. The light reveals an Ivysaur. “Tie him up.”

Mr. Weller scrambles over the floor but Ivysaur’s vines catch up easily and wrap him.
Paul manages to crack, “Well, Phase 5 is already halfway complete.”

{Phase 5: Silence Mr. Weller.}

Ivysaur pulls a radio out of Weller’s robe pocket. It was talking to them.

“Sir, the security room has been breached. I’m calling the police right now and will come to the gym as this emergency has planned for. Sir, answer me. Sir?....”

Paul looks at Claude. “This is going too fast. We haven’t even started phase four yet. And phase three should have been done by now.”

Then a few seconds later, the lights go out. Electricity no longer flows to the mansion. Murkrow has done it’s job. Although the sunlight from outside still peaks in through the large gym windows, the gym creates many cross shadows, for an eerie effect.

{PHASE 4: Capture Hitmonlee.}

Ivysaur pulls Mr. Weller toward the two tan guys as they shove a tan sock in his mouth and blindfold him with a tan bandana.

“You look better already. Now you just need a tan hat...”

“Paul, shut up. Please continue.”

Paul shrugs with a smile and turns to Hitmonlee, still in the ring. “Ready to come to our side Hitmonlee? We have much better equipment and better living quarters. We’ve been watching this mansion for three weeks. We know how badly you’ve been treated. What do ya say?”

“Mon, lee. Hitmon...” It shakes its head.

Paul shakes his disappointingly. “Then you force us to do this. Go Machoke.”

“You sure you’re ready for this?” Claude asks. “Hitmonlee is at a high level.”

“I can do this.”

But first, a swift figure moves at the two humans and Alakazam. It’s a Hitmonchan. *Uppercut Punch* Alakazam takes one in the nose. *Side Hit* And then a surprise attack to the gut. Hitmonchan pulls back, glowing it’s right glove any icy color, and strikes Alakazam. *FREEZE* Unable to react in time, Alakazam freezes to an icicle of frozen water.

Claude responds, “Hey, where did that come from? I though Hitmonchan wasn’t supposed to be here today. That makes phase six a lot harder, especially with police on their way.”

{Phase 6: Escape}

Machoke enters the ring and Paul stand on the side, like a boxing manager. “Maybe when Mr. Weller came in here, he let Hitmonchan out. Just keep him away from us and we can catch Hitmonlee.”

Claude smirks again. “Better yet, I’ll catch this one. You did bring more than one Super Pokeball.”


“Then no problems. This one is mine.” Hitmonchan stands there, gloves up, ready to fight. “Go Jynx.” Claude sends and his trusty Jynx comes out. “This won’t be easy. We don’t have much information on this one. But I WILL defeat it.”

Alakazam remains out so as Ivysaur uses a free vine to chop at the ice, hopefully allowing them to teleport away to safety. The two fights begin: Claude, Jynx vs. Hitmonchan; and Paul, Machamp vs. Hitmonlee. Ding.

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