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Default Re: Fan Fiction Chat/Feedback

What do you think of this little scene I just wrote? Here she is...


Mist curled upwards across the fertile plain. Sheets of clouds above were illuminated in the twilight sky. Above the jagged dark-green line of trees was clouds were splattered dull red, slowly becoming a brighter hue. Orange and gold lingered in the sky, and faintly green shone down upon the villagers of a town that hung to the bank of the River York.

One of these villagers, a boy by the name of Ross, sat upon the moist earth. He gazed up at the sky, a light blue shone momentarily above the faint green and slowly mixed with lavender, stretching to the west towards the perilous Torra Mountains. The moon hung low above them, sending glacial reflections towards the heavens.

Ross carefully brushed the dirt off of the medallion he fingered in his left hand. It shone as the eyes of a Mightyena did when on the chase. It felt as a ring just out of the furnace and cooling in a jar of water did. But the amber it shone was purer, more gold than not. And the heat it gave off was not of the kind that burned, but of the kind that made one stronger and purer.

He noted the mark of a volcano, etched into the middle of the circular medallion with bronze.

He knew what this meant. He knew what would happen. Before he could blink, the Holy Wizards would be upon him. Those corrupt paladins would sweep him into their clutch and never let him go.

And there was only one thing he could do about it.

NOTE: This is intended to be the prologue for the first of a pokefic fantasy trilogy -

I - Runecraft
II - Witchcraft
III - Starcraft

I know this sounds stupid, but I just wondered how good it was.

Woot, I finished my crappy songfic.

Uh yeah, for all who care, Now and Forever's Chapter Six, Part Two will not be posted for a week or so. Possibly, with lots of luck, early Sunday morn. Ah, what am I kiddin', it won't be Sunday, or tonight, or Saturday, or next week Friday. About a week and a half.
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