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Default 14- Small Vacation Time

The clouds are still dark and night is still approaching. Watching the Pokeball shake around in the bricks, hoping this caper is over, Jack shouts with his handy fist in the air. He caught the ghostly Gastly.

“Alright Gyarados, way to stand guard.” He returns the big fish to his Pokeball. Jack runs over to the rubble and scoops his Pokeball up and pockets it. *SIGH* “I hope I don’t have nightmares tonight. This will be fun training Gastly in the future.” But now he has to worry about the Meowth he still carries with his other arm inside his overcoat. “Oh, right... I have to help this wild Meowth.”

Jack walks over the broken brick wall and onto the street on the other side to avoid any people trying to ask what happened in that ally. They would surely find out sometime, but now Meowth needs some healing from good ol’ Nurse Joy.
By the time he reaches the Pokecenter, it’s almost closing time. He nearly makes it inside. Joy smiles as Jack shows her the Meowth.
“Oh, Chansey, bring this patient to Room 3.” Chansey comes and takes Meowth from Jack and happily prances to the room. “Don’t worry, an overnight stay should be good for Meowth.” Jack thanks her and they go their separate ways; Joy to her last rounds of the night; Jack to an empty couch. Can he really sleep after all this?

*Morning Music plays as the sun rises* Already up at sunrise, Jack heads for Lane Street and the ally. A sleeping Meowth in his arms, he plans to put it back in that ally so it can go back to living its normal life. Joy told Jack this morning back at the Pokecenter that Meowth is 100% better. “Meeooooww...” Meowth wakes up and stretches in his arms as Jack just arrives at the entrance.

“Ok Meowth, you may go on with your life.” He places her down on the cold ground. “Good luck.” Jack turns and heads down the street, not looking back. He’s always liked Meowths for their soft fur and kindness toward humans but he couldn’t have this one because he caused her too much trouble last night blasted by Night Shade, caught in a web, getting wet from rain, being shocked by Thunder twice. “Huh?”

While he waits at an intersection to cross to the other side, a head rubs against his leg. To his surprise, Meowth has been following him. “Meowth meowth!” She sits on the ground, looking directly at Jack with a semi-smiling face. How could this Pokemon want to still be with him? Were his efforts to protect Meowth greater than his accidental cause of her pain? Whatever it is, Meowth won’t be leaving his side now.

“So, you want to stay with me?” She purrs heavily. Jack laughs and scrunches down to pet her, “Ha ha... very well. I gladly accept your acceptance for me being your Trainer and friend.” Unexpected but greatly appreciative.

“Hey, it’s you.” The girl from Lavender sees Jack. “I saw you leaving the other side of that ally. It’s rumored that you got the ghost. Is it true?” Jack nods smiling. “Wow. I don’t know how I beat you before if you caught something I couldn’t get. This time, I challenge you to a battle.

(Cue 2v2 Battle with gurl53092)

“Aha, see... I knew you had gotten better. I may be an expert in catching ghosts, but you somehow managed to do what I couldn’t. See ya ‘round.” And she disappears down the street. Jack is glad he won, proud even. This is a nice city.

Meowth jumps up and down while following Jack. He hasn’t felt the time for putting her into a Pokeball yet. But in time, it will happen.

Somehow it is noon time already, and he finishes his lunch of pizza and root beer, one of the best combos out there. He still has the rest of today and tomorrow morning before his train leaves. He could get the badge from Saffron but he wants to stay with one league before switching to win the badges of other leagues. In addition he heard the psychic leader is hard to beat. That doesn’t matter. What matters is having Magnemite and Metapod to evolve before his ride on the train.

(Cue 3v3 Battle with gotenks2610)

A loss but Jack expects this to happen while he tries to evolve his basic Pokemon. He will probably lose all his matches today.

(Cue 2v2 Battle with tankx9)
(Cue 2v2 Battle with tankx9)

Still losing but to his wonderful surprise, Magnemite glows brightly to evolve into Magneton. Except for his newly caught Pokemon, he has one more to go.

(Cue 1v1 Battle with flareon008)

“Yeah! Butterfree is awesome.” Metapod hatches from her shell and flies right on out.

Time goes by so fast when fun is being had. Night is here, so Jack heads for the Pokecenter to sleep for the night. Meowth, still not in a Pokeball, curls next to her sleeping Trainer and rests the night away.


“I wish I hadn’t overslept. Gotta hurry! Can’t miss the train.” It’s 11 and the train leaves at 11:30. Jack runs and runs, Meowth keeping up with him very well. He didn’t think hard enough to put Meowth into a Pokeball yet, too much concentration on getting on the train.

“Hey, what’s your hurry? A battle will ease your mind.”

Jack screeches to a stop, Meowth sliding past him. He rarely backs down from a challenge but he needs to get to the train. Thinking he could do this in ten minutes, the two battle.

(Cue 3v3 unfinished Battle with gotenks2610)

Jack cuts the battle short, as his train will be leaving in five minutes. Jack’s first incomplete battle: not a draw, not a win, nothing but incomplete. Oh well, he forgets about it and runs, holding Meowth having no time to get a Pokeball out.

“Ticket please.” Jack stops just before the ticket person, heavily breathing and resting from the rush. “Better board now, we’re just about to leave.” Jack puts Meowth on the ground and shows his ticket. “Ok, but no Pokemon are allowed out of Pokeballs unless there is a good enough reason.”

Jack can’t think of any and finds an empty Pokeball. “Return.” But nothing happens. Jack smiles nervously, “Oh, I haven’t caught you yet.” Jack reaches down and presses the Pokeball on Meowth and it sucks her in. With that finishes, he hops in, the door closes, and the train begins to move.

Trains are fun to ride in– the scenery passes by so nicely. Mostly trees and mountains and a few houses flash by from the windows. After walking in all five train cars, the last one holds his room. When he opens his door, he finds someone’s stuff on a bed on one side. He must be sharing a room. Whatever. He is on his way to his first badge: Goldenrod City. The leader best prepare because Jack is on his way.

“Ah. Such a nice train ride. I never want this to end.” Unknown to Jack, the train would be stopping soon. While he lies there, on his bed, he asks questions to himself. “I wonder who the Gym leader is? I hope the leader is there. Whom should I use? And what time will this train arrive at Goldenrod?” He hasn’t talked to anyone since coming aboard the train. Just in his room. And he realizes it now and stands up from his bed, “I need to explore this train. I didn’t pay for this room alone. I want the whole experience.” Who is he talking to? Casper the train ghost?


Jack flies forward *SMACK* and lands against the wall front first then falls down onto the other persons bed, who has not been to the cabin since Jack’s arrival. After being unconscious for about a minute, Jack recovers and slowly, but surely, stands back up. The whole room was a mess, the other persons’ things were everywhere while Jack’s stuff was in his pack.

Apparently, the train ran into a problem, LITERALLY! Trains can’t stop immediately within feet like a car; it takes about a mile for it to slow safely to a stop. Magnet Trains take longer to stop than that because they travel at faster speeds. But the brakes were put down hard. The engineer saw a car on the tracks with the driver still inside, trying to save his vehicle. And that’s right, the train plows into it and sheers the car down the middle. The driver is ok, but the train took some damage to the front, something with the electrical lines or something, so everyone bails out of the train.

The area is a nice breezy meadow, large in comparison to a small park. There is a little hint of a small lake about two miles away just before a line of trees. Also in the distance is a group of Miltank, spread out over the wide grazing field. This is a nice place to have an accident. Very peaceful.

An hour goes by. None of the repair guys on the train can fix the damage because they need a special part. So, the engine car from the spare train of Goldenrod has been summoned. But it will still take a while since they don’t have the spare part. Right now, the piece is being delivered from Olivine City via Pidgeot Express.

“So, are we in the Johto League or still in Kanto?” Jack overhears a young kid ask his dad.

The dad smiles, “I’m not sure son. Maybe it’s neither of the two.” He tackles his son, playfully tickling him on the tall green grass.

Looking around, lots of tents and sleeping bags are out. People were making this moment as comfortable as possible. No one was allowed back on the train until it was repaired. And no one can go anywhere since they were in the middle of nowhere.

“This is boring.” Jack walks over to one of the train guards. “Hi. I’m going over there...” He points to the lake way in the distance, “ if the train is fixed, don’t leave until I come back. I’m not walking to Goldenrod from here.” The guard nods understandably.

The field provides an easy walk to the lake. There, he would get water for his bottle. That is one of the reasons he walks to the lake; the second being so he can get away from all the boring people.

The two miles went by really fast since he rode Stantler all the way. “Drink up. Nice clean water I’ll bet. Actually, everyone come out.” Because he has so many Pokeballs with Pokemon, Jack slowly lets everyone {Vulpix, Farfetch’d, Ariados, Beedrill, Gyarados, Muk, Butterfree, Magneton, Sudowoodo, Stantler, Bellsprout, Snorlax, Gastly, Meowth} out of their Pokeballs to have a nice rest near a clear blue lake. “I know this is the first time I’ve let everyone out at once so I hope this works well. We are all one big family now.” The temporary vacation begins.

An hour passes by and Jack is lying on, not in, his sleeping bag. After playing for the longest time, everyone rests in their various areas: some in the water; some next to Jack; some under the one tree nearby. This is the most fun Jack has ever had with his Pokemon. There were some small problems but nothing so abstract: Sudowoodo kept hugging him; Meowth hissed at Gastly; Snorlax tried to eat all the food; Snorlax belly-flopped and splashed water on everyone, even Vulpix; Ariados played a trick on Jack by covering his face with a partial web; Snorlax almost sat on everyone. All-in-all, it was fun.

“Ahem. I walked all this way to meet the one who caught the trickster Gastly. I heard of your arrival on the train and now I challenge you to a battle. Hardcore style with no mercy.”
Jack opens his eyes but his sunglasses covered them so he still looked asleep. This guy must be around mid thirties or something like that. “Are you even awake? I’m stealing your Pokemon...”

Jack smiles and manages a small chuckle. “I see you.” He sits up, lifts his sun glasses off, and looks at his challenger. “Is the train ready?” Before an answer is made, Jack sees the train still there. “Oh, never mind.”

“The battle?”

“Oh, right. I won’t agree with the ‘no mercy’ rule.”
He nods in an unreassuring manner. “Alright, I’m ready and so are my Pokemon.”

(Cue 3v3 Battle with gotenks2610)

The only reason the other guy won was because Jack’s Pokemon was resting or sleeping and not really up to a battle. But they tried their best.

The guy heads back to the train, riding his Dodrio. “You know that a ‘real’ trainer wouldn’t have more than six Pokemon with him.”
What? What did he say? “Then I guess that battle didn’t count since I’m not ‘real’.” And the guy is gone. “What is a ‘real’ trainer? As far as I know, a Trainer is any person with at least ONE Pokemon. I’ll show him next time. I’ll show the world.” Jack turns and looks at all his Pokemon behind him. “Make that we. We will show them. From this point on, we will work harder, and be winning more than losing.” His Pokemon give various cheers for the speech.


“Man, how can I live up to what I said if the train stays there.” Another hour goes by. Then another. At least the weather isn’t hot; rather a nice cool breeze coming from the neighboring mountains. It’s around three o’clock in the afternoon, almost four hours since his arrival on the train. At least his Pokemon are having fun, running and playing around the grass and water. No other person has come to bother him to battle and such. Peaceful indeed.

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