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Default 13- One Spooky Night in Saffron City

*YAWN* Night slowly sets in; dark clouds cover the sky quicker than piranhas can devour food. Jack checks his receipts and realizes the hat store guy overcharged him. So, it’s back to that one spooky street again. As soon as he arrives, a person standing by runs over to Jack. “Hey you, be careful around here. Some girl found that Gastly and is attempting to get rid of it. But since her arrival, stores are slowly becoming active again.” He stops and goes over to someone else wandering on the street.

“Good, then I don’t have to be worried about being scared again.” Jack shudders and wanders to the store. He sees jolts of lighting coming from an ally; it must be where the battle is happening. Shortly, the store clerk corrects the mistake and gives some money back and apologizes. With that finished, he leaves the store. But he doesn’t wander too far as he watches the ally again.

“Ok, Hyper Beam it now.”

The ally way explodes in a flash of light, trash being thrown everywhere. The girl comes walking out, with smoking clothes and a Pokeball in hand. She collapses on the ground all worn out. Jack decides to check on her.

A small crowd of people surround the girl. Everyone wanted to help but no one actually did anything. Then she speaks, “I couldn’t handle it. Too tricky.” And just as she stops, a shadowy figure appears smack dab in the center of the circle. Yep, Gastly. Silence.......


Everyone runs and screams. Jack shivers to death, not liking to be scared at all. He runs and runs and takes a turn after this one store. He looks back to see no ghost following him and stops. *BONK* A brick wall stops Jack’s backward movement. A dead-end ally full of trash bags, one hugs trash bin and a sewer manhole. A wild Meowth perched on top of the wall meows and jumps to the other side. Jack calms down, breathing slowly, heart still beating so fast.

“Oooooooooooooo.... ahhhhhhhhh....”

Jack jumps from the scary noises. “Aw gee, this is creeping me out.” He breathes heavily. “I know Gastly will pop into the open. Don’t be scared, don’t be scared...” Jack closes his eyes and opens them up again.


*TEETH CHATTERING* Jack cringes as Gastly floats to the front of the ally. “Quit scaring me, I scare too easily.” Gastly disappears. A Pokeball is thrown out from Jack: Ariados. “Ariados, make a web around this area so Gastly will get caught.” Ariados starts working, shooting webbing all around to make a nice spiral web. “Oops, should have left an opening for me to escape through. Ariados, .....huh?” Ariados falls down to the ground with a hard hit. Gastly floating in the air laughing. Jack snaps into it and recalls Ariados. “That’s right. Gastly is a Pokemon and I can catch it. Ok Gastly, prepare to meet Jack....” he points to Gastly but it’s no longer there.

Then there is a loud screech behind the wall, like a cat fight. Jack turns to see Meowth return to the top of the wall, hissing at something. A blast of purple shatters a chunk from the top of the wall and blasts Meowth into the webbing made by Ariados. Part of the web, the lower part, breaks off into bits of pieces that float away in the air.

“Alright, go Beedrill. Take flight.” Beedrill is called upon and buzzes above. Jack also calls Vulpix out. “Beedrill, block that ghost. Vulpix, follow me.” The group splits up. Beedrill attacks, heading for Gastly. It fades from view, Beedrill moves right through it. Gastly reappears and blasts Beedrill with Night Shade.

Meanwhile, Meowth has some company. Vulpix Ember’s the webbing stuck to Meowth. It gives a hint that it’s alright but Jack picks it up anyway and move to the side of the ally.
*CRASH* Beedrill nails the ground and no longer can battle. “Ah, Beedrill. Rest. Vulpix, Flamethrower!” Vulpix aims up and fires her fire. Gastly manages to avoid again by disappearing. “No good. It will keep disappearing.” For one of the few times, Jack looks to the Pokedex.

POKEDEX: Gastly, the gas Pokemon: With it’s gas-like body, it can sneak into any place desired. However, it can be blown away by the wind.

“Really? Wind can blow the gas away. Sure, Farfetch’d, come on out and play.” Farfetch’d comes out to join Jack’s side along with Vulpix. “Farfetch’d, get ready and attack.”

“Fetch!” Farfetch’d takes to the sky. His eyes glow and Leer at Gastly. Gastly freezes for one second, just enough time for Peck to hit. Gastly sticks its tongue out and Licks Farfetch’d square on the face. Luckily it fails to paralyze and gives Farfetch’d another chance to attack. “Faaarrr!” Another Peck at the gas Pokemon hits.

“Gastly!” it says angrily and stares directly at Farfetch’d. Hypnosis waves comes out and affect Farfetch’d heavily. Down.....

“Nice try Farfetch’d.” Jack returns his flying type before hitting the cement bottom. “I didn’t even get to use a wind attack. How about Magnemite.” It pops out.

Gastly floats over Jack and through the webbing still up. Magnemite follows and Jack calls to stop just before it gets stuck. Close one. Before an attack can happen, Gastly disappears.

“Hmmm... if I can’t see Gastly, how can I battle it. *SNAP* I got it! Magnemite, use Rain Dance to create rain.” Having learned this new ability, Magnemite spins rapidly, jumping left to right, and right to left. A beam shoots into the already dark clouds. Moments later, it begins to rain. Jack kneels down, opening his overcoat to cover Meowth and Vulpix so they don’t get wet. “Don’t worry, you’ll both be fine under here for now.” He holds them both to his body for warmth. Now to look up at the battle.

Up above, the rain splashes off of the invisible Gastly which gives away his whereabouts. He may be invisible, but he can still be hit. “Thunderwave that ghost fast.” Magnemite sends electric waves at the spot the rain hits and Gastly appears, also being effected by Paralysis. The rain stops slowly but the clouds remain dark and overhead.

“Magnemite,” it says in it’s metallic voice as Jack orders and Thunder. Electricity pours out from the sides and shoots in all directions. Gastly is hit dead center; however, so is everything else since water conducts electricity. The whole ally lights up with yellow sparks.

“Gaaaaaaaassstlly....” “Vuuullllll...” “Eeeoooooooowww...” “Ahhhhh.....”

The only one not screaming is Magnemite. Jack falls backwards, Vulpix slumps down, Meowth falls sideways, Gastly hits the ground.... Wait, Gastly hit the ground? Maybe being paralyzed keeps it from going through objects. Jack sees this and quickly responds to action.

“Lock-on and Thunder again.” Magnemite charges at Gastly, using the metal brain to lock onto the ghost; then the electric blast of Thunder shoots in all directions again. To Jack’s quick thinking, and irresponsibility, everything except Magnemite is shocked again. He falls steaming more than before, “Ouch, that stings.” Gastly twirls around and around in circles from the blast right in front of Jack. “Oh, hey Vulpix... use Flamethrower.” Vulpix takes her time to be ready, especially after two major shocks, and this allows Gastly to dodge left to avoid. And being unlucky, Magnemite is hit instead. *FWOOM* *CLUNK* Magnemite falls down. Jack hits his head. “Stupid me. Return. Vulpix, I believe you can finish this.” He picks up Meowth and holds it inside his corduroy overcoat. It’s wet fur quickly becomes dry. It meows a sigh of relief.

Vulpix rushes out and nails Gastly with Fire Spin. The two stare at each other long and hard. Gastly is still being affected by the paralyzing affects of Thunderwave. Confuse Ray shoots out from each Pokemon, the combination explodes into a dark dust. Jack runs through the battle quickly to the entrance of the ally so he isn’t trapped by the brick wall. Vulpix and Gastly’s eyes glare with confusion. Vulpix aims high, too high, and fires at the webbing anchors. This burns the web connected to the side building, causing the web to collapse... directly onto Gastly. Gastly stumbles about and soars over Vulpix and rams into the wall, knocking it over to pieces. Vulpix fires yet again at a trash pile, setting fire to it.

“Vulpix, no. You better return. Uh, oops, I can’t reach her Pokeball since I’m holding Meowth.” So, he quickly puts the cat down and recalls Vulpix and sends Gyarados out to put the fire away. Meowth is returned to his warmth, now Jack has one hand free, holding an empty Pokeball.

Gyarados rummages through the bricks and uncovers Gastly’s gassy body. It’s purple gas no longer surrounds it, and its eyes are all swirly-like. “Good job Gyarados. You’re one step ahead of me. Pokeball, go!” Jack throws the Pokeball oddly and it lands onto Gastly. Undoubtably, it goes in and the moment of truth now begins. Has Jack captured the tricky ghost of Lane Street? If so, it has happened by a fluke accident. Now he waits...

I’ve done this before and I’m doing it again. Will the wild Meowth decide to stay with Jack for caring for it during this hard time? It’s up to the grader to decide if Meowth cares enough to be with a trainer that may have saved its life.

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(-o-) Gastly Caught!
(-o-) Meowth Caught!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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