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Default 12- Caution! Sleeping Pokemon Ahead

Snorlax gets up, breaking the ice on its gut. It sucks in the surrounding air like a vacuum. Jack yells for Sudowoodo to move out of the way. Instead, she runs at Snorlax and attacks its head with Slam. As soon as Sudowoodo makes contact, Snorlax lets Hyper Beam fly. The close firing of a powerful attack causes a huge explosion on the street. Jack squints from the blast; the air rushes around him. Sudowoodo flies overhead and lands against a tree. The blast clears and Snorlax is seen, bruised and messed up from the close range shot. It stands, not moving a wink. Then, its feet slowly scrape against the asphalt, moving toward Jack.

He can hear tubby growling or grumbling, whichever, they sound pretty much the same. Snorlax doesn’t seem that thrilled to be hurt so much. “Heh, nice Snorlax. I was helping Bellsprout get out from beneath you, so it doesn’t can stay alive. I care about Pokemon, even you. But you must stop attacking.”

Yeah, like that would stop a Snorlax. Sleep can’t stop a Snorlax, well, for very long that is. It keeps approaching, almost off the street and on the side where Jack and Marty and the undecided Pokeball lies.

“Ok, I guess I have to keep this battle going.” Before Jack could send someone else out, a blur moves over Jack and strikes Snorlax hard. Snorlax is pushed back to the middle of the two lane road.

“Sudo sudo woodo woodo.” Sudowoodo didn’t sound too happy either. She really wants to defend her trainer.

Jack smiles in joy. “That’s the spirit. Show the opposition that you will never stop.”

Sudowoodo begins the thrusting punches of electricity, fire and ice, not stopping until either of them falls to the ground out of energy. *BIF* *BAM* *ZAP* *KLOIN* Kloin? What an odd sound. Sudowoodo jumps forward, striking every spot on Snorlax’s body. Snorlax curls up in a large ball, but the emotional blows keep hitting, and hard.

How could any Trainer not be proud to see one of his the Pokemon he recently caught be so loyal and so fast. Sudowoodo turns out to be a great capture.

Snorlax pushes the tree off with some small strength of a Headbutt. Sudowoodo copies the exact move with her Mimic ability, and hits head first into its soft stomach. Snorlax sighs in exhaustion, stumbling backwards around the street.

“Ok, knock it down with one more Headbutt.” Sudowoodo charges forward and hits above the gut, causing the center of gravity to move its feet, therefore, Snorlax falls down.

After the ground quiets down, Jack prepares his second throw of a blank Pokeball. “Here we go. Let this be the end.” The Pokeball moves swiftly through the air, and touches the skin of the plump Snorlax and manages to fit the huge Pokemon into the small Pokeball. Amazing!

Jack kneels to the ground, tired from this long day of adventure as he awaits the result of the moving Snorlax ball...... oh, not to mention the Bellsprout he has temporarily forgotten about. That outcome would have happened already, and all he has to do is look down. But all he can do is wait for the big outcome....

Original Post: October 2002 @ Ultra Group
(-o-) Snorlax Caught!
(-o-) Bellsprout Caught!


This is where double captures become my staple. Having gotten used to the writing system for a year, I was confident in writing stories for two Pokemon rather than one like everyone else did. This basically put me at or near the top of the class. This was writing beyond what anyone expected. Our standards were so low back then, heh.

The inspiration for this story was the fact that Snorlax was found blocking paths in R/B and G/S. So I thought, why not block the road with one? Bellsprout was a random choice- just needed something weak enough to not need much effort, similar to how I caught Metapod. Still love the part when Snorlax creates a shockwave and breaks the limo. Also, bad plot design using the mini healer in the limo to catch 6 Pokemon on the few hour drive from Vermillion to Saffron. Bet no one noticed! After this, I try to space it out more timely so it makes sense.

Now, you may wonder why Sudowodo knows the elemetals punches. I bought them from the mart and taught it too him. Therefore, he now knows it in the story. Story-wise, it doesn't make sense, but rp-wise it does. I think that's how everyone did it back then. The Pokemon you went for only used level-up moves. Once caught and taught TM's, you could use it in stories. Or maybe it was just me. ha! Either way, I still follow that thought to this day.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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