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Default 12- Caution! Sleeping Pokemon Ahead

Time has past since his capture of Stantler. Yes, a couple hours has gone by now. What’s that you say? What happened after the capture of Stantler? Fine, I’ll tell you.

Jack climbs out of the hole with the aided help of Marty and Angelina pulling him up. Once on top, he takes the Pokeball containing Stantler out of his pocket and places it with some of the others in his pack.

“Youngster, thanks ya’ mighty much for getting Stantler out of our digging hole. Now scat! We still have work ta be done.” The old, very old man shoos his hands at Jack and Marty to go away.

“Well, I guess that’s all. Good luck with your digging and all that fun stuff you guys do.” Jack and Marty begin walking away. Then they turn around to a voice.

Angelina was waving, “Maybe we’ll meet up again in the future. We do work all over Kanto.”

Jack smiles. “Yeah, maybe.” He then turns around along with Marty and walks on. “But I will be in the Johto League by tomorrow.”

With some luck, the two of them find their way back to the limo. Jensen was ecstatic to see that they retrieved the expensive rye bread. Even though now it was dirty and inedible. He puts it in the back with the rest of the food. The rye bread is not sold in Saffron City and they have to travel to Vermillion once a week to get more. It is not for them, but Marty’s parents; they can’t live without that type of bread.

The Mini-Healer machine is turned on, and every Pokeball is placed in. Jack with ten Pokemon and Marty with one... huh? Marty places two Pokeballs into the machine. An interesting thing to do which surprises Jack.

“Did you catch a Pokemon while searching for Stantler?” He is happy that Marty can finally catch his own Pokemon instead of stealing from other trainers like the Grimer incident.

Marty smiles lightly. “Yeah, I’ll explain. I found a smaller Stantler very quickly. I thought it was the same one but it wasn’t. I ended up beating it partially because it was a young Pokemon. Maybe even related to the one you caught.” Marty shrugs. “What’s done is done. I can’t take this back. Stantler’s are strong I hear. So I thought about catching it.” Jack nods in agreement. “Besides, there are no rules saying I can’t capture a baby Stantler.”

Jack snaps his fingers. “What if the rye bread the mom Stantler stole was for the baby Stantler? You know, to feed it. That would explain the harsh reaction against us when she wanted to get out of the hole. Did we do a bad thing?”

“No. Just think if we hadn’t come along. Would the baby Stantler have food? Hard to tell. Stantler are struggling to survive here and maybe we have helped them by giving them each a home.” Pretty deep thinking for someone so much younger than Jack. And he is being very mature about it while he talks.

Time and time passes by. The sleek, black limo rolls down the highway street. Within a couple miles, Saffron will be visible. But once again, Jack hops out of the limo and challenges walking trainers to a battle. In which, they gladly accept.

(Cue 1v1 battle with pokemaster148)
(Cue 3v3 battle with direwolfprimary)

He won the first battle; however, that second battle was hard which is why he lost. It shows that he has much more to learn. Plus his Pokemon need to evolve to their higher forms to help Jack out more.

Before jumping back into the limo, Jack and Marty let their Stantler out, respectively. The chat begins with the four of them. At first, mom Stantler didn’t want to let her baby go but it turns out being captured will be for the better. Jack convinces them not to let this block their potential and every battle should be for their counter-part. It will take some time to see if the Stantler understand.

One mile down the road and Jack spots someone he has seen before. A strong trainer that he must challenge. He saw him battle once but never got the chance to challenge. So out he goes.

(Cue 3v3 battle with ashitaka333)

Great battle; Jack threw everything he could at him but it wasn’t enough. This loss will only make him stronger with his training. He will beat this guy, whose name was Leroy. Leroy was going to Johto also, so Jack will be ready to battle him next time when he sees him again.

The road curves up ahead, trees along the side so you can’t see what’s coming around the bend. It moves nicely and cleanly, then the limo slows down to a stop. They are still on the curve of the road which means, well.... what could it mean?

The window separating the driver from the back area lowers down. Jensen faces the two in the back as the Mini-Healer machine finishes healing again. “There is something blocking the road, and you won’t believe what it is. It’s gigantic!”

So, Jack and Marty hop out and gaze at the large sleeping Pokemon up ahead fifteen yards. Quickly, Marty is the first to shout, “Snorlax are not found around here. Must have wandered far, far away from its group or something. Odd.” He then smiles. “I want it!”

On the other side of Snorlax, another car is stopped from the blockage. The driver can be heard screaming for some reason.

Jack appears next to the guy. “Hello. What’s going ...” He could easily see the situation. Snorlax is lying on a Bellsprout. “What..?” The Bellsprout top half was out but the bottom half is still stuck. It looks extremely weak and tired, too tired to even help with its vines.

“Don’t just stand there, help me get this Bellsprout out from underneath Snorlax.” This guy look stronger than Jack but even he can’t do it alone.

“How did this happen?”

The guy sighs heavily. “I’ll tell you, then help me.” Jack nods. “I parked for one second to dump my trash when this Bellsprout was being chased out of the forest by a Snorlax. At the same time, a Jigglypuff came from the other side and collided with Bellsprout. Snorlax arrived and yelled at the two. Jigglypuff sang, they fell asleep, and Snorlax fell on Bellsprout. Jigglypuff was knocked into the air and far into the distance. There, NOW HELP!!”

Pulling doesn’t seem like its working so Jack calls out Beedrill. “Prick that Snorlax with your stinger.” Beedrill zips around and heads for the side of Snorlax, stinger out in front. *PRICK* Snorlax leaps up into the air, Beedrill flies away, and the guy grabs Bellsprout before Snorlax comes clobbering down, which it does. The concrete ground moves like a small earthquake, the two cars and people bobble up and down once. The limo’s back and left side windows shatter, as the other car gets away with no damage because it’s actually a jeep with high suspension. Jack backs away, Beedrill hovers down next to him. “Nice job Beedrill.” He turns to the guy. “How’s the Bellsprout?” It lay on the ground and the guy runs to his jeep.

“Your problem. I’ve got things to do.” He drives the jeep around the landed Snorlax and blasts off speedily around the bend. Such a nice guy, isn’t he?

Jensen moves back to the limo, crying at the damage as Marty wanders on the other side of Snorlax, next to Jack. “Now what do we do about this? Try to move it?” Jack picks up Bellsprout and holds it in his arms.

Good question. Here’s an answer. Snorlax stumbles up, grumpy as ever. It spies Beedrill and identifies it to be the culprit of the stinging. Snorlax charges.

“Uh, Beedrill. Evade!” Jack and Marty run to the side of the road to safety as Snorlax clobbers down the road after Beedrill. “Fly higher, so it can’t get to you.” Beedrill soars higher and higher and out of reach of the lardy.

“Can I recall and try to escape this angry Snorlax? Probably too risky. Hmmmm.... We have to calm it down.”

Marty smirks happily, “Why not battle it and allow me to capture Snorlax.”

Shaking his head, Jack heartily laughs. “Why would I work hard to battle it and give it to you? This one is mine.” He stands in battle mode. “Beedrill, attack from above with Pin Missile.”

Beedrill clasps his green glowing needles together, and fires the green triangle shaped energy down at an easy target. Snorlax takes the consecutive hits in the stomach and laughs from its ticklish feeling. Then, it gets angry again and prepares to attack back. Snorlax sucks in lots of air from the surroundings- is it doing a wind attack? No. Snorlax surprises all with a Hyper Beam at Beedrill. With no warning from Jack, Beedrill remains motionless and is blasted away of the huge amount of energy. Falling, falling.... Jack recalls Beedrill in midair. Snorlax turns slowly and watches Jack. Not good.

“Let me try.” Marty prepares to send out his Wartortle.


Snorlax charges Jack, causing him to hand Bellsprout to Marty who now is not able to grab his Pokeball for Wartortle. Jack rushes around the street, becoming tired faster than Snorlax.
Jensen runs to the limo, turns on the engine, and backs up, away from the battle. He then honks the horn, in turn, grabbing Snorlax’s attention.

Now Jack has time to grab a Pokeball, he randomly grabs and throws it out. Vulpix pops out. Snorlax return to face the Trainer. “Vulpix, gotta be fast. Flamethrower.” Snorlax’s body flares the fire sideways, like deflecting it away with its fat with mild burns. Snorlax rushes through the heat and hits Vulpix off the street and onto the dirt. Snorlax hurriedly jumps up into the air and lands down on top of Vulpix, like a shoe coming down on an ant. OUCH!

Jack turns away from the super hit, worrying about his first Poke-pal. Snorlax slowly stands up and examines the damage. Jack can barely see a small hole in the ground. Vulpix must have used Dig to escape. Vulpix did, as she jumps out of it safely. She responds by wrapping Snorlax in a Fire Spin. To which, Snorlax flails its arms wildly and brushes it away, mildly burned again. It smacks Vulpix again with Tackle, hitting her onto the street this time. Again, Snorlax jumps into the air, and comes down on Vulpix for a second time. No way to use Dig to get out of this. And the result, Vulpix is skinnier than a super model.

Jack gasps insanely, “VULPIX!” For fear of Vulpix, Jack has to recall and send another of his Pokemon. This time, he had time to think who to choose while Vulpix battled. “Ok, go my Sudowoodo.” Sudowoodo comes out and hugs Jack. Smiling, “Yeah, I like you too. Now be brave and prevent that Snorlax from attacking me. You don’t want me hurt now, do you?” Sudowoodo fiercely shakes her head and turns to the big one.

Both are kind of the same height, maybe an even match in that sense, but not build-wise. “Ok, get in there and try a Slam attack.” Sudowoodo jumps into the air, raising her arms then slams the down on Snorlax’s head. Jack snaps his fingers again. “Yes, the head, go for the head. The weak spot.” Sudowoodo jumps to Slam once more but Snorlax grabs the rocky tree, preventing it from achieving this attack. Snorlax leans its head back then rushes it forward for a head smacking Headbutt. Sudowoodo jumps back from the normal hit, shaking it off. She moves near the big galoot and swipes at its feet with Low Kick. Snorlax cries in small pain and lets gravity do the trick. Down, down...... Sudowoodo is smothered by Snorlax. Oh the humanity!

“Ah gee, not again.” Jack could see the parts of Sudowoodo using Flail to try to squeeze out. Rock’s can’t hold pressure for too long, then they burst. He think as a blast of lighting shoots Snorlax off the ground a couple feet, enough room for Sudowoodo to roll out of the way. “Oh, used that Thunderpunch attack I see. Ok, try an Ice Punch then.” So she does. Sudowoodo’s hand begin to freeze and she swings at Snorlax. *SHING* Snorlax feels the burn of coldness, slightly freezing its gut into ice. “Now, attack.” Sudowoodo jumps up and Slams the head again, causing Snorlax to fall backwards to the ground with a thump. The street cracks under the pressure.

Jack wanders over to Marty, who lies on the ground with a sore to his head. What he saw next is Bellsprout on the ground, still weak from Snorlax sitting on it. He picks it up with one hand, to carry it and make it better with body heat. With his right hand, he holds an empty Pokeball, ready to throw. He places Bellsprout back down for a moment, and lunges the Pokeball at Snorlax. The blubber bounces the ball back at Jack, who ducks quickly. The Pokeball hits a tree behind him and falls to the floor, hitting Bellsprout instead. And guess what, Bellsprout is sucked in no problem.

Jack scratches his head, “That.... was unexpected.” The ball twitches back and forth but he can’t watch that, he must keep his head on Snorlax and Sudowoodo.

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