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Default 11- Doe, a Deer, a Female Deer

“Ahh, you alright Spinarak?” Spinarak answers weakly. “Guess not. Rest now.” The spider is called back to his Pokeball. “Alright, go Farfetch’d.” Farfetch’d flies out of the Pokeball, hovering in the air, holding his leek with his beak.

Stantler looks up, out of the hole. Just like with Beedrill, an attacking disadvantage to a flying type. Tackles and Stomps would be hard to do.

“Farfetch’d, go forth with Steel Wing.”

Farfetch’d moves out of hover mode and flies down to Stantler. His wings begin to glow and become hard, kinda like steel but not exactly like it. His fast flying action causes Stantler to stare and take the hit directly across its head. Stantler runs to the opposite side of the hole, trying to have a long, running jump out. Stantler fails again, this time not even jumping halfway up. It is becoming weaker. Jack can guess that it was trying to get out to make a run for it. But there is something more to this Stantler that Jack doesn’t know yet.

Jack smiles, “Again Farfetch’d!”

Farfetch’d’s wings glow and become steel-like as he soars at Stantler again. A cry of pain shoots out of Stantler’s mouth as it is stuck on the back this time. Jack calls for the same attack since it seems to be working. Farfetch’d moves down again, ready to strike. Stantler, turns around with as much of its strength, twists backward, and buck kicks Farfetch’d as he approaches. *CRUNCH* That has to hurt. Farfetch’d falls down, into the hole; its left wing curled in as a sign of extreme pain.

“Dang it man. The wing must be to hurt. He can’t fly...” True, flying won’t help Farfetch’d any longer. He grips the leek in his right wing, ready to strike with an attack. “No, I must return him now. Farfetch’d, return....” The red beam goes out, but Stantler blocks it from reaching his Pokemon. Jack growls.

Stantler looks at Farfetch’d after turning away from looking at the trainer trying to catch it. Its eyes go wide-eyed as Farfetch’d rushes it. Once, twice, three times a beating of Fury Attack. Farfetch’d normally uses his left wing, so his leek hits aren’t as strong as they can be. Stantler’s back legs collapse in, causing it to sit down, sort of.

Jack has moved to a different area around the hole and easily recalls Farfetch’d. With that done, he looks at Stantler. Maybe it is weak enough, he thought. With that in mind, Jack tosses down a Pokeball. It sucks in the sitting Stantler with ease. One wiggle, two wiggle, three wiggle, four..... The Pokeball fires back at Jack, Stantler escapes it and appeares back in the hole again. Frustrated, he goes through his list of Pokemon, thinking about who to use next.

“RRRRRRrrrrrrrroooooooaaaaaarrrrrrr!!!!” Gyarados comes out of his Pokeball and lands on the ground with a light ‘thud’.

“See that Stantler down there?” Gyarados nods. “That’s our objective.”

Of course Gyarados understands, of course. Why wouldn’t he listen to his wise Trainer that cared for him as a little Magikarp. Gyarados, outside of the hole, looks down from his elevated perspective. Stantler simply stands there, looking weak, tired, wanting to get out of it. Gyarados moves over to the short length side of the hole, Stantler watches him closely.

Jack shouts out to his enormous Gyarados. “I’m tired of playing around now. Let’s end this in one shot.”

Stantler, the old, very old man, Marty, and Angelina all gasp. They knew what it was Jack was calling for. Stantler runs to the opposite side of the hole, the furthest from Gyarados. Pink waves begin to fill the air. It was obvious that Stantler was trying Hypnosis. But it won’t work fast enough; Gyarados is too tall and Stantler is too far away. Everyone watches and backs away a little. An energy ball forms in his mouth. It becomes bigger and bigger and bigger, then, when it’s at its largest energy ball, the beam of white blasting energy is fired. Stantler blinks, that’s all it can do. Imagine a huge dusty explosion. Dust and dirt and bits of grass fly everywhere.

Jack walks up to the hole. It is nearly destroyed. The short side, next to Jack and opposite Gyarados, has crumbled down and caves in. Stantler is there, covered in dirt, lying on its side. He can tell it is still ok because one of its ears kept moving slightly.

“That’s it,” Jack exclaims. He takes an empty Pokeball from his pocket of infinite Pokeballs. “This one is for you. One present, coming your way.” The second Pokeball goes flying down and sucks up the dirt covered Stantler. It really gave up a good battle between Marty and Jack. Would it be enough to capture it?
The Pokeball rolls back and forth in the dirt, back and forth...

Original Post: March 2002 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Stantler Caught!


I like when Jack looks at everyone and finally decides to run, heh. Basically this is just an extension and mostly a long battle. We meet the very old man and Angelina, whom were going to be reaccuring characters. We will probably see them later, not sure when. And I don't know what they were doing digging a hole in the middle of the forest, maybe we find that out later. The battle was pretty unfair for Stantler, trapped like that and not being able to defend properly. History lesson: Hyper Beam was the most powerful attack (besides Double Edge) and if you were hit, you were basically dead/fainted. So while the battle wasn't too long, surviving a Hyper Beam was almost impossible in a story.

I chose Stantler because I wanted something with Hypnosis to put any Pokemon to sleep. Everyone had Gengar and I didn't want to follow the popular path. So now I had everything I wanted for battling in stories to catch Pokemon: flying type, false swipe, electric type for paralyzing, something to trap Pokemon from leaving (Spinarak), and hypnosis for sleeping. However, as my knowledge with URPG stories increased then, I didn't end up using these tactics much.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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