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Default 09- Untitled Capture Attempt

This was a nice dilemma for Jack: does he help the kid that tried to steal his Grimer? “I may as well help, there may be a reward.” He grabs a Pokeball from his pocket and out comes Grimer. “Grimer, Disable that Magnemite.” Grimer puts her grimy hands in a fist, closing her eyes, trying to Disable Magnemite. But it fails. Magnemite could feel the power coming from Grimer and carefully floats towards her. “Grimer, it’s not working. Quick, Minimize!” Magnemite dives by Grimer but misses as Grimer flattens to the ground. “Wow, now that would win a Limbo Contest.” Magnemite makes another dive attempt but misses once again at the Minimized Grimer. “Ok, Sludge attack.” Grimer jumps up into the air and lands on the floating Pokemon, trying to infect it with poison. With the weight of Grimer, Magnemite lowers to the ground. Jack snaps his fingers. “Wait, that won’t work. Magnemite is part steel type.”

The air around Magnemite brightens and a burst of energy is shot out in a spherical motion. Grimer is shot back and lands on the ground. Five seconds later, a loud sound, like a sonic boom, graces the air.

Grimer gets back up. Jack holds out her Pokeball. “This is a mismatch. Grimer, return.” Grimer goes back to the comfy Pokeball. Out comes another. It’s Spinarak’s turn.

Meanwhile, Marty scrambles to his feet and manages to run around the car to the driver’s side door where he opens it up. He jumps in and sits down, still scared from the Magnemite, and not moving.

“Spinarak, String Shot.” Spinarak fires out a line of web but Magnemite are fast and it easily avoids the many strings being thrust forward. Magnemite’s magnets on each side spark bolts as a wave of electricity is let loose upon Spinarak. Spinarak stands strong from the attack. On the other hand, Jack falls to the ground, getting blasted by the Thundershock also.

He hits the grass with his hands to push himself up from the ground. “That jolt really charged me up. Phew!”

Spinarak changes it’s back face to a mad face while changing his real face to look very mean (Mean Look). Magnemite floats forward and zaps Spinarak again. This time Jack wasn’t hit. Mean Look didn’t scare Magnemite at all.

Jack gasps. “Ah... Spinarak, you ok?” Spinarak jumps back up, a little beat up, ready to keep fighting. “That’s the way! Try your Agility out.”

Spinarak dashes back and forth, fading in and out of view quickly. Those eight legs can really move fast. Magnemite spins around, trying to follow Spinarak, unsuccessfully though. Magnemite stops and loads up a targeting system. Spinarak is being locked-on. *ZAP**ZAP**ZAP* Magnemite fires thrice(3 times) and each Thundershock attack hits successfully. Spinarak is weakened considerable and close to paralysis. His legs wobble as he stands up. His eyes glow purplish as Magnemite is surrounded by that same shade of purple and Magnemite is turned gray blue. Spinarak held the Psychic attack for a while but Spinarak was too weak from the previous attacks to keep it going long enough. The colors fade as Spinarak collapses on the grass.

Jack was proud. Spinarak really fought well for his sake. “Great job Spinarak. Come for a long rest.” Vulpix comes out of her Pokeball. “I told ya’ you would get some action.” She replies peacefully. “Vulpix, use Quick Attack.”

Vulpix blasts off from her spot and nails Magnemite head on. Magnemite quickly fights back with Thundershock but misses Vulpix who runs behind a tree.

“Way to use the surroundings to your advantage. Now, climb up the......”

*ZAAAAPP!!!!* Magnemite jolts out electricity on Jack and paralyzes him. Jack falls to the ground.

“Mag!” it says, successfully taking out the brains of the battle.

Vulpix leaps up into the tree she was behind. She is outraged to see her Trainer hit by that cheap attack. Hidden by the leaves and branches, Vulpix eyes the Magnemite that inches closer to the limo.

“eeeee....” A Caterpie wiggles its way in front of Vulpix. Shocked, she takes a few steps back on the branch she was on. Caterpie was blocking her view of Magnemite. She coughs out some fire to try to threaten it. Caterpie shoots out some string back at Vulpix, but purposely misses; it then yawns lazily. Vulpix grew mad that it wouldn’t get out of the way and Flamethrower’s point blank at Caterpie only a foot away. Fried, Caterpie loses its grip of the branch and falls down below, into a bush.

Marty unfreezes as Magnemite appears in front of the windshield. Marty screams and hits the horn on the limo, twice. He puts down the black window that separates the front seats from the back seats and climbs through the opening. He then closes the black window and panics.

After the Caterpie affair, Vulpix jumps down from the tree, stops and stares at Magnemite. Magnemite turns and looks at Vulpix. They glare at each other. Magnemite’s magnets spark again and.... and.... and.... and...... nothing happens, nothing at all. Magnemite used up all it’s electricity in the previous matches. Vulpix opens her mouth, seeing the advantage, and fires a blast of pure hot orange-red Flamethrower fire at Magnemite. Burn baby, burn!

Jensen rustles through some bushes, holding a fishing pole and tackle box. Apparently, he heard the horn from the limo being sounded. Before seeing Marty, Jensen saw a Trainer lying on the ground. Immediately he could tell he conscience, just paralyzed. Jensen was Trained to understand any abnormal status about Pokemon and about people. While walking over to Jack, Jensen unbuttons his expensive jacket and reaches into his inside pocket where he grabs two multi-colored pills.

“Young man, you are in need of assistance. Take these pills. They will rid your paralysis withing moments of swallowing them. They are the best money can buy. And I would know, I do the shopping.” Jensen puts the pills in Jack’s mouth and watches him carefully swallow them without water. And just like he said, moments later, Jack was un-paralyzed. He quickly opens his bag and chugs a full bottle of water.

Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. Vulpix and Magnemite have been Tackling and Quick Attacking back and forth. Once in a while one of them would get hit by the others attack. At least they were away from the limo now, attacking each other some fifteen yards away.

Jack gets up and stretches his arms, legs and back. “Thanks, um, Jensen was it?” Jensen nodded but Jack didn’t see it because the battle distracted him “Wow Vulpix. Way to keep going.”

Magnemite tries a different’s called RUN AWAY!

Jack, still stretching his stiff muscles, calls to Vulpix. “Quick, confuse it.”

Vulpix’s eyes turn purple as the purplish ray fires out and covers all over Magnemite. It began spinning in the air in a horizontal-clockwise motion. Then, Magnemite stops and speeds off straight into a tree. *WAM* Magnemite floats backwards, leaving a magnet-shapped indent into the tree. Obviously Magnemite was quite shaken up a bit.

Jack shook his head as he felt sorry for the tree and Magnemite. “Quick, it still looks confused. Flamethrower.....ah, but don’t hit any trees.” Vulpix runs underneath Magnemite whom was still dazed from spinning around and hitting the tree. The fire escapes Vulpix’s mouth and goes up and up, straight up at Magnemite. The fire cools down and now Magnemite was fairly toasty and its metal looked scratched and burnt. But it still stays floating in the air, too high for Vulpix to hit. Instinctively, Vulpix runs to the Magnemite-indent tree and jumps at the trunk as high as she can. Vulpix then jumps off the tree and into the direction of Magnemite. Jack had taught this move to Vulpix before he began as a trainer. He calls it the Quick Attack Tree Jump.

And that was it, Magnemite was on the ground from the Quick Attack that Vulpix had used on it. Magnemite wasn’t moving so Vulpix didn’t need to attack it anymore.

Jack claps his hands. “That jump was perfect.” Vulpix trots over to Jack’s side but is blind-sided by a Metapod. Apparently, Caterpie wanting to get back at Vulpix for disturbing it’s rest, evolved.

“Where did that come from?” Jack questions. “If it wants a fight, alright. Vulpix, Quick Attack.”

Vulpix leaps forward and dives at Metapod. *SHING* Metapod glows as Harden takes affect and the Quick Attack does not do as much damage. Vulpix hears the next attack and prepares. FLAMETHROWER! A wave of fire hit Metapod hard on. Vulpix pants from using so much energy. Metapod sizzles and tips over.

Like an instinct, Jack had a Pokeball in hand. “Enough. It’s my turn now.” The Pokeball was send out and sucked in the Metapod...

Marty was out of the limo, on the other side of it, watching the battle. “Get... get... get rid of that Magnemite. Throw it back in the forest. Please!!!” He said this almost like he was crying.

What? Oh, yes, the Magnemite. But why was Marty acting afraid of Magnemite? That was something Jack would have to ask.

“What, you want me to take it out into the forest, put it there all weak and such and out of electricity and have it get attacked by another Pokemon?”

The rich kid nodded furiously. “Yes, anything, just get that thing out of my sight!”

Jack shook his head. “That would be the most irresponsible thing a Trainer could do.” He fishes around for another Pokeball from his pack. Magnemite hadn’t moved, making this easier. Once Jack finds a Pokeball, he side-arm throws it out and watches as Magnemite is also sucked in upon contact. Jack, Jensen and Marty watch patiently as the Pokeball still contains that red light, waiting for it to disappear to signify the capture...

Original Post: January 2002 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Magnemite Caught!
(-o-) Metapod Caught!


Marty is a snobbing, immature, little rich kid that gets anything he wants, and does anything to get it. As we will learn later, he is not a traditional Trainer that goes and catches his own Pokemon. I really wanted to make him a character that you will despise. But I also wanted to make him terribly weak and fragile, as we see with his attitude being attacked by Magnemite. And I have him attacked by a Pokemon as punishment for what he did to Jack earlier. Now, I came up with the name 'Jensen' because I wanted a butler name similar to Jeeves, and also starting with a J... but I wanted it to be unique.

We also see the rare side of Jack: his greed. Only helping because their might be a reward... so selfish. I like the moment at night when all his Pokemon come out to protect him. In these early stories, I try to keep a sense of family and friendship with his Pokemon. Most stories were about finding Pokemon and fighting hard, but I wanted to show companionship at the same time. To me, it was never about catching Pokemon to use in the URPG, but creating a journey for my character.

Part way through this battle, I realized Magnemite became part Steel type when G/S was released, so I had to change some parts around. Grimer, Magikarp, Farfetch'd, and Kakuna weren't going to be strong in battle, so I had to use Spinirak and Vulpix. To make it fair, I limited Vulpix's fire usage again because of the forest, and had Magnemite run out of juice. This made it more of a physical battle, and gave me some good ideas for cool moves to display.

Bubble Gum Ice Cream with a sugar cone! As a kid, there was this ice cream shoppe we use to go to all the time, and I would always order that. It was the only time my parents would allow me to have gum. It was pretty tasty too.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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