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Default 09- Untitled Capture Attempt

The Pokeball stops rocking on the boulder in the middle of the river. Jack now had his sixth Pokemon, just enough for the Tournament that was going to happen in the next couple days.

He grasps his hand in a fist and cheers. “Yes, I now have enough.” Spinarak’s face on his back was happy. “Spinarak, can you get that Pokeball over here.” There was no way for Jack to cross through the water, it was too deep and the current was just fast enough to sweep a Trainer off his or her feet. Spinarak shoots out an icky string on the ball. He then proceeds to spin in a clockwise motion. Due to the force, the Pokeball also spins with it. After about five rotations, Spinarak lets go of the string and the Pokeball flies over the water, Jack opens his hands for the catch........

“Mine.” In mid-air, a young looking rich kid jumps in front of Jack and grabs the Pokeball. He turns around as he lands and looks at the extremely angry Jack. “With this Grimer, I will have the most caught and win the prize that Big Bob will give out.”

This was something that was unexpected. “Hey, I caught it fair and square. I need that Grimer to enter the Tournament. So give it back.” Vulpix growls at the probably a spoiled rich snob.

“How can I give it back if you never had it in the first place. And nobody talks to Marty Inckleberry the second like that. Jensen!”

In no less than two seconds, a man with a well mannered hair cut walks from the left. Must be his butler. “Yes, master Marty.”

Before Marty could speak, Jack points to Marty. “He stole my Grimer that I caught.”

Jensen looks at Marty with a hard stare. “What?! You’re the one trying to steal it from me. He is taking advantage of the me just because I’m rich. Besides, I’m a great Pokemon Trainer and don’t need to steal from people like you.” Marty gave Jack a raspberry. How immature for a rich kid.

Marty moves the Pokeball closer to his pocket, when out of nowhere, Spinarak jumps on his back. Marty waves his arms in the air and lets go of the Pokeball. Jack reacts as fast as lightning and jumps into the air to grab it. The Pokeball felt good in his hand. After coming back to earth, Jack and Vulpix back away from the rich party. Spinarak jumps off of Marty’s back and lands next to Jack.

“Thanks Spinarak! You’ve done more than I could ask for.”

Spinarak shouts happily for his trainer.

Marty began to anger up. “Jensen, do something.” Jensen steps forward and approaches Jack. *SLOW MOTION* Jensen extends his hand to grab at Jack as Spinarak jumps up and lands on his chest. Jensen backs off and hits Spinarak off. Spinarak gives out a chirp before covering Jensen in Spider Web threads from head to toe. Marty’s eyes widen then he rushes forward at Jack . Spinarak again shoots out icky Spider Web threads, slowing Marty’s rush down. Marty falls to the ground, trapped in the lines of web. *RESUME NORMAL MOTION*

This action surprised Jack. Spinarak truly cares for his trainer. “Spinarak, thanks oh so much.” Spinarak smiles before being returned. Vulpix nudges Jack’s leg looking for attention. “Don’t worry, you’ll get some action later, I just know it.” They each smile as Vulpix is also returned. Jack waves to the web victims and runs back to Vermillion City to enter the tourney before it’s too late.

In a short opening of grass surrounded by trees, Jack takes a break on a log. He takes a couple sips of water and eats a sandwich. It was fairly close to mid-afternoon so this break is considered lunch to him.

The bushes rustled a bit then out jumped a person, rather a trainer. “You will do battle with me now!”

*Cue 3v3 battle with princeash58*

Jack exits the area he was taking a break in. The battle was relatively short and another loss on his battle list. But it didn’t bother him, losing helps him find the mistakes he may have made.

Day turns to dusk. The nocturnal Pokemon began to come out as the sun slowly set in the west. Jack turns on his Pokegear and looks at his map. He was still out in the woods, lost.
“I wish this pocket computer had On Star, then I would know exactly where to go. And it will be dark very soon. Boy, I hope that Tourney sign up is still going on.”

Someone yells, “Hey you! I bet my Pokemon can beat your Pokemon.”

Jack stops abruptly. “Can’t. I need to get to ......” He thought about it. “If I battle you, will you tell me the direction of Vermillion City?” The person nods.

*Cue 3v3 Conference battle with figgy20000*

Jack sits down on the ground to rest. He had slightly twisted his leg while running in the direction the person said Vermillion was in. He lost the battle again but that was to be expected. His Pokemon have been battling all day with no check-ups or healing or medicine of any sort. His Pokemon were wiped out for the day and everyone needed a rest. Plus he was using Kakuna and Magikarp to battle. One day they would both evolve and all the losing will be worth it.

Jack throws out his sleeping bag, curls up, and slowly falls asleep. It may be seven at night but Jack was tired. Even if he arrived at Vermillion, they aren’t open this late for applications. So he goes to bit. A little bit after he falls asleep, Hoothoot begin their incisive hooting.

Upon waking up, just after dawn, Jack’s eyes look around the area where he had slept for the night. All his Pokemon were lying around him. They had each come out of their Pokeballs and slept through the night to protect their trainer. Except Magikarp for obvious reasons. As Jack got up, each one of his Pokemon woke up. Vulpix, then Kakuna, Farfetch’d, Spinarak and lastly Grimer. Grimer!?!! What is Grimer doing outside of her Pokeball? Does Grimer already trust Jack as a Trainer?

Breakfast was made quickly. Jack eats an energy bar as he serves each Pokemon some Pokefood with some unique flavoring to each one. But what would he give to Grimer?

Jack puts out a medium sized plate like the others and puts one of each type of Pokemon food he has. He signals to Grimer that this is her plate. Grimer slimes over, sniffs the food on the plate and begins to eat them, one by one. Grimer seems to like them all. After the food feasting frenzy, Jack packs everything up and returns all Pokemon. His leg healed up during the night, so he was good to go.

Vermillion City hadn’t change in the day that he wasn’t there. It was relatively the same but less cars and less people walking around; probably due to it being a work day. He walks over to the sign up area for the Tournament, just where the flyer said it would be.

The lady at the counter inside the small building smiles. “Hi! How may I help you?”

Jack rests his arms on the counter. “I would like to sign up for the tournament please.”

“I’m sorry, the Tournament positions have been filled already. Maybe next time.”

The Trainer nods silently and leaves the small building. He jaywalks across the street into an ice cream parlor. Bubble Gum ice cream on a sugar cone, yum-yum! Looking across the street, a limo pulls up next to the registration building. And wouldn’t ya know, that rich kid Marty came out when Jensen opened the door for him.

Marty walks up to the counter. “My name is Marty Inckleberry the second. Sign me up for the tournament.”

The lady at the desk could tell he was rich. “I’m sorry. You’re too late to sign up. You’ll have to try again next time.”

Marty snaps his fingers and Jensen fishes in his pocket and throws a wad of cash on the counter. $2000 bribe.

The lady looks at the money, glances back at the butler, then back at the money. “I’m sorry, my... my statement stands. Money won’t help you here.”

Marty stammers out of the building, not too happy. Jack smiles as he watches Jensen grabs the money wad. “Aw, too bad for you.” He sticks his tongue out.

Later on, Jack spends some time in the Pokecenter, surfing the Internet and learning more about Pokemon while he waited for his Pokemon to heal. After that, Jack left Vermillion City. There was no reason to be here anymore. It was time to go to Saffron City.

The scenery was the same on the route to Saffron; trees, grass, plants, rocks, some clouds in the sky. But there were more open grassy fields than the previous route.

Not that long after leaving Vermillion, Jack heard a scream. He ignored it but then there was another scream. From what he could tell, it was a kid screaming. Being the curious person he is, Jack follows his ears to find out what’s going on.

He could see a black log. No, it was a black limo. That could me only one thing. Marty. Closer, he could now see the whole picture. Marty was on the ground, back against the limo door, trying to get away from a Pokemon.... a Magnemite.

“Mag ne mite,” it says electronically.

Marty screams out, “Oh, please kind stranger, help me.” Marty then gets a good look at the stranger. “Oh. It’s you from the river.”

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