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Default 06- Enter the City: Kakuna Crisis

Farfetch'd pecked at the Pokeball as it came to a halt. Farfetch'd grabs it with his beak and hops over to Jack and drops it on the ground just before him.

Jack looks down at Farfetch'd who was pecking the motionless Pokeball. "Thanks Farfetch'd," he said with a smile. Jack bends down and picks up the Pokeball with one hand and pets Farfetch'd on the head with the other. Upon standing up, Jack decides to keep Farfetch'd out for a while to get to know him better. Together the two walk around the park and eventually find a bench. Jack puts his pack down and sits.

"Farfetch'd," he pulls a name brand Popcorn bag from his pack, "do you like unpopped Popcorn?"

"Far!" Farfetch'd exclaims happily and interested at the same time.

Jack smiles. "Would you like some?" Farfetch'd nods. Jack reaches into his pack and pulls out a handy-dandy bowl that happens to be in there. He opens a bag and pours some kernels into the bowl. Jack places the bowl on the ground and Farfetch'd hops over to it. He pecks at the food.

He opens the Pokeball containing Spinark. Spinarak comes out and lands on the ground. Jack looks up at the bright moon. "Farfetch'd, Spinarak, I didn't mean to battle you so hard out in the forest. I'm sure you know why I did it. I'm sure all Pokemon know about Trainers and what they do."

Farfetch'd looks up at his new trainer for a couple of seconds then continues eating the kernals. Spinarak stares at the moon also.

"I'm sure we will make a great team. And no matter what, I'll be there to protect you guys and I hope you guys will protect me." He looks down at his Pokemon. "Just thought I'd let you know that."

Farfetch'd finishes the kernals and hops onto the bench and stands right next to Jack feeling a lot of trust for this Trainer. Spinarak looks at Jack's face, sucks in air, then fires out an extra gooey Spider Web.

"Spinarak," it says in a very laughing way.

Jack looks at the web in his face. "You think this is funny?" He now understands this humorous spider and can’t help by laugh. "A jokester, huh? Like spraying people with your web? That's fine, but no more on me or any of my Pokemon. But I must say, your Spider web was perfectly round and hit me right down the middle. Good aim." Jack, Farfetch'd and Spinarak have a good laugh.

A good ten minutes pass by. It's about 10:30. Spinarak was now in Jack's lap and Farfetch'd was lying next to him. Both were sound asleep. He has gained the trust of his new Pokemon.


Jack perks up after being in a dazed state of mind. About one-hundred yards to his right there were a group of people of various age and gender. Jack, who is very curious about what happens around him, returns the two sleeping Pokemon and runs over to the group where the noise must have come from. He looks through the group of about twelve. There is a guy with a cut on his arm, crying on the ground.

"That stupid Kakuna. *SNIFF* Now I'll be in the hospital all week." A few unpolite words are shouted.

"Here," another guy gives him a bottle. "It's Antidote."

“But.... that’s for Pokemon.” The injured guy pours it on his cut. "Ahhhh!! It burns!" He continues cursing.

Jack asks the question. "What happened?"

A lady answers without turning around and points at the tree that was infront of them. "See that Kakuna? We tried to get it down but it wouldn't. So Klyde climbed up to grab it. He pulled and it finally let go. That's when it used Poison Sting on him. Poor Klyde..."

"Kakuna?" Jack looks at the tree and the spot on the tree where Kakuna was hanging on to. It was the exact tree and exact Kakuna that he saw during the day. He squeezes through the people and nears the Kakuna. It had a large gash on one side. Jack gasps. "How did it get that gash?”

“After it attack Klyde, we were made and Joseph slashed it with his Bowie Knife.”

“What? That’s cruel. This Pokemon needs to get to the Pokecenter, and fast."

A guy holding a big knife, probably Joseph, comments, "After my little girl catches it, then we will take it to the Pokecenter." The little girl’s Pokemon, Eevee, snorts, preparing to battle Kakuna.

Jack couldn't believe what he had just heard. "Are you insane? This Kakuna can't battle in this condition. If you use any attack on it, you would hurt it tremedously."

The father figure steps forward behind his little daughter, probably six years old. "When a Pokemon attacks a human, almost hitting my daughter, this is what they get. Don't tell me how to run my life. My daughter is going to catch her first Pokemon. Step aside young man."

Jack grabs a Pokeball and out comes Spinarak. "Play your sticky tricks on them." Spinarak cheers up, very excited that Jack is allowing it. Spinarak fires his web all over the people. Jack quickly snatches Kakuna in his arms. After seeing the group covered in web, Jack recalls Spinarak and runs off.

"Let's see....if I came from this way, the Pokecenter should be that way." Jack thought of a something corny. “Run, run, as fast as I can, you can't stop me I'm the Pokemon saving man.”

He enters the Pokecenter, and sums it up to Nurse Joy. She immediately takes Kakuna to the emergency room. Knowing this would take a while, He finds a room and doses off to sleep.

Next morning, Jack wanders around the Pokecenter. Nurse Joy shows him to the Kakuna. It was resting on a stretcher with some tubes hooked to it.

"Kakuna's shell was mildly hurt but it is just enough to be serious. Thanks to you bringing it here so fast, and with our treatment, the gash should be back to normal in about two days." Nurse Joy saddens. "But there's a problem. Kakuna needs strength and energy to use Harden so it can help repair the shell on it’s own. The tests show it has lots of energy but it won't use any, like it has given up. If Kakuna doesn't fix its shell on his own.....oh, I don't even want to think about it."

Jack watches Kakuna, lying still, not even trying to get better. "I didn’t go through all that for Kakuna to give up. Let me try." Joy nods. He enters the room and finds a chair next to the stetcher. Kakuna still doesn't move.

"Hi Kakuna. Feeling better I see. Aren't you glad I brought you here?" A minute of awkward silence. "Ok....Nurse Joy told me that you won't Harden to fix up your cocoon. You know if you don't heal that shell of yours, you may not be here too long. And I want to see you get better." He pauses for any reactions. None. "Now, I can't force you to get better, I'm here to suggest you save yourself. If not for me, then for yourself. You have much to live for. You never even experienced evolving into a Beedrill. Don’t you want to fly?" Kakuna still does nothing. Jack thinks and thinks. *Light Bulb* "Is it because of those people in the forest?" Kakuna moves its eyes and looks at Jack. "I understand. If I were in your spot and about to be caught by those people, I wouldn't want to go back either. But you hafta understand, not all trainers or the parents of those trainers are like that. Me for instance, I care about Pokemon. That father didn't care that you were hurt, he just wanted to see his daughter catch her first Pokemon. That’s why I know if I saw him again, I could beat his Pokemon in a battle. I...."

Nurse Joy steps in and motions for Jack. He nods and reaches for his Pokeballs and releases Vulpix, Farfetch'd and Spinarak. "Guys, help convince this Kakuna to heal its wound. I'll be back." He exits the room.

Joy hands Jack a paper. "I did some research while you were in there and found that most Kakuna that sustain an injury like that don't last very long. Two days on average. So in two days, either it will be fully healed or... or... dead."

He stops reading and looks into the room as he notices Kakuna shimmer slightly.

"That...." Joy catches it too and smiles. “Kakuna used Harden. I don’t know what you did in there but thanks to you, I think everything will be fine.”

Jack runs back into the room and hugs all his Pokemon. "Thanks everyone. And thanks Kakuna. I knew you could do it." He wipes his eyes before they tear, recalls his Pokemon. Kakuna uses another Harden.

The next day moves by rather fast. Jack has decided to stay and see what happens to Kakuna. During the wait, Jack mostly slept or played with his Pokemon at the center. Now it approached night once again. After dinner, his Pokemon fell asleep in the room they were set up in. He walks back over to Kakuna for a short check up. Watching from the window, the hole looked much smaller than it was that very afternoon. Harden was working.

"By morning it should be gone." Nurse Joy said as she passed by. Jack smiles and walks back to his room where he surfed the Internet, then dozed off to sleep after that.

The second morning at Vermillion City arrives. Jack is up bright and early. His Pokemon are still asleep on the bed across from him. He quietly tip-toes back to the emergency room. Looking through the glass window at Kakuna, he notices the hole is gone.

"Whatever you and your Pokemon did over this past couple days, it worked." Joy says, sneaking up from behind. "Kakuna had a full recovery as of 3:00 in the morning. It’s shell is still a little soft but I need the room for my other severely injured Pokemon. So I would appreciate it very much if you let it go back in the wild.”

But Jack has another idea. He sits down on the chair next to Kakuna's stretcher. He spoke softly since he had just woken up. "Glad to see you've had a full recovery. Now is the time for your choice." He places an empty Pokeball on the stretcher. “You can come with me if you want or you can go back to the wild to be caught by some other person. Or maybe that same person. It is your choice and I will not force you to chose one or the other. I'll give you some time to think about it." He smiles and exits, heading back to his own room. He recalls his sleeping Pokemon, packs his things, and heads out to the waiting room.

Nurse Joy enters from around the corner, seeing Jack. "That was quick. Have you moved Kakuna?"
Jack leans back in the sofa and kicks his feet on the table. "I’m letting it have some thinking time.”

Twenty minutes pass by. Jack walks over to the window to see what Kakuna chose. Jack looks into the room and sees.....

Original Post: December 2001 @ Ultimate Club
(-o-) Kakuna Captured!


I believe this is the first story to not have a battle for the Pokemon. I took a big risk in writing this sympathetic story, but felt for a weak Kakuna that it would be enough. The speech to Kakuna still gets me pretty emotional. Imagine all the terrible treatment of Pokemon in the world. Even on something so weak. True to my character, I myself am disgusted with poor treatment of Pokemon. They deserve an honest Trainer, which is what I tried to show here.

I go for Kakuna instead of Weedle because I wanted it to evolve faster. And five loses would be better than ten. As you'll see in the next story, I finally have my first battle. Yay!
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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