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Thumbs up Re: Pokemon: Spolier Chit-Chat

And, Raichu would be alot cuter. ^__^

BTW: Its a good thing that Treecko evolves into Grovyle. I bet they used Pokemon Sapphire/Ruby on this, since Leaf Blade can damage Vigoroth and Slaking good.

BTW: Also, Taillow should evolve. Its too weak! It didn't win a match against Brawly's Machop, it loses against that boy's Roselia!!! That's impossible! Roselia used one Solarbeam and Taillow was finished off. Torkoal is very unique, so that's a good fire pokemon. Corphish is STRONG, but it needs to evolve to learn Water Pulse! Crawdaunt would look good in Ash's team...but we all know what's been wondering our minds.....what will Ash's final pokemon be? I heard lots of rumors..."Its gonna be a Vibrava!!" "They said that Ash will catch a Spoink, which will evovle into a Grumpig!" "No, no! Ash will catch an Altaria!!!"

I really don't know which one it is, but I don't like it when Ash promises to visit his pokemon and he doesn't. For instance, Primeape and Pidgeot. He promised to see them again, yet he didn't. It would be good if Ash met up with Primeape and Primeape joined his team for the last pokemon. Then, Primeape could use Dynamicpunch, and Thunderpunch, and maybe even Cross Chop! All I know is that Ash better catch another pokemon...and fast!