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Default 04- Annual Tradition: Round 2

Jack blinks many times, in shock that the Farfetch'd manages to escape the Pokeball. This was a shock, he thought Farfetch'd was his, most definitely. But he failed another capture. Jack stares at the bird in front of him, just barely standing.

"How could this be? Could Farfetch'd still have some strength left?"

"Fetch far far."

Jack points out to the Farfetch'd and looks down at Vulpix. Vulpix, sitting next to him, looks up. "Ok Vulpix, we must never give up. I have faith in you." Vulpix gives a happy shout in which Jack can only smile. Vulpix jumps out in front, ready to go again. "We may fail but nothing can keep us from trying again and again. You will see, persistence will pay off." He had a little fire in his eye. If he was going to get all the badges, he first needs to master the skill of catching Pokemon.

Farfetch'd stood on the ground, next to the failed Pokeball. It looks at the Trainer and his Pokemon. At the moment, Farfetch'd is too weak to fly away.

"Get ready..."

"Hey Jack! I found you." He looks back to see Gregory running over to him. He was holding a Pokeball in his hand. Gregory stops. ""

"Slow down. Catch your breath first."

Gregory takes a deep breath. "That’s better." He raises his arm to show a Pokeball. "Look, I caught a Farfetch'd. It was very easy when I used that plan of yours." Gregory looks at Vulpix, who was still in a battle ready leap. "Oh, did I interrupt something?"

Jack nods. "Yep. I'm in a battle with this wild Farfetch'd."

Gregory looks over at the Farfetch'd. "Ok, but I hope you don't do what I think you are going to do."

Jack turns away from him, not hearing what he said, but still asking, “Huh?” While they were talking, Farfetch'd was stretching, gaining some strength every stretch. Now that Farfetch'd is a little bit stronger, it could flap its wings and take off into the air.

Jack folds his arms, looking back at the battle. "You can run Farfetch'd, but you can't hide. So you may as well save your energy, 'cause you'll need it. Vulpix go!"

Vulpix leaps forward and rushes at Farfetch'd. She jumps up for a hit but misses.

"Physical attacks won't work while it's in the air. So fire it is. Flamethrower."

Vulpix fires into the air but Farfetch'd dodges it. Farfetch'd then speeds up even faster than before, becoming twice as fast. The first Flamethrower came no where near Farfetch'd; but the next one does, which singes the left wing. Now it couldn't fly fast to evade the Flamethrower. Farfetch'd turns around in mid-air and smacks Vulpix with a Slash attack. Vulpix falls but quickly regains position. Farfetch'd stops in mid flight and kicks up some nearby dirt. It covers over Vulpix and some slip into her eyes, which blinds Vulpix temporarily. Farfetch'd lands next to Vulpix and Pecks her side.

Jack thinks.........."Ah-ha! Vulpix, spin-around and fire away."

Vulpix's eyes slowly open but not enough to see clearly; the sand is still there. Farfetch'd steps back as Vulpix spins around, firing Flamethrower in all directions. Farfetch'd prepares to jump but the fire hits ‘em first. The duck-bird lands next to a tree. Vulpix blinks as the sand in her eyes begins to disappear.

"I knew it would work," Jack states.

Gregory watches, not liking this at all.

Farfetch'd shakes its body and tries to stand. It quickly counter-rushes the fox Pokemon. *SmackSmackSmack* Vulpix weakens from the hits but has enough energy to jump to the side, avoiding the next hit from its leek. She opens her mouth and releases a large Flamethrower that blasts Farfetch'd over to a small patch of hard dirt. Vulpix runs over to it, staying some feet away, and growls. Jack and Gregory follow.

Farfetch'd lay on the ground, worn out, reaching for its leek that lay inches away. Jack pulls out a Pokeball. "One more time." He winds up but Gregory holds his arm.

"No, you can't."

Jack shoves him to get his arm free. "You did, so why can't I?" Jack uses his free arm and throws the Pokeball at Farfetch'd. Farfetch'd grabs its leek just before being sucked into the Pokeball. Vulpix stops growling and all three keep their eyes on the moving Pokeball...

Original Post: November 2001 @ Omega Club
(-o-) Farfetch’d Caught!


So, I was told to add more battle, and I did. I really like how it came out too, and Farfetch'd's leek added some good attack combos. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have my first Pokemon.

Originally, I was going to have Team Rocket appear after this capture, as the business that buys the Farfetch'd, but I scrapped that idea because it felt so unoriginal. And I didn't really want to have TR in my story.
Thanks PE2K for all the memories.

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