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Default Shakespearean Sonnet - "Odium of Rain"

Well, here this is...I don't claim to be a very good poet, but this got me an A- in English class

Among the things in nature that I hate,

Thereís one thatís worst: a period of rain.

O, why should days be lost and plans made late?

Inclement weather gives me such a pain.

O, why must I be trapped within this hell?

Iíd rather hike or bike or walk all day,

Than stay inside with thoughts outside this shell.

O, why must I endure this fruitless fray?

But now I see the folly of my thought,

For rainís essential, as weíve all been told.

It does sustain all life, and harms us not,

Despite disdain from those both young and old.

Without the rain there would be little life.

Itís absence would create tremendous strife.
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i wish all of you americans would get out of my country.
Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.
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