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Default Re: Da Gullwings Adventures!

Chapter 1: Part B

Just Outside the Goldenrod Dome 3 Mysterious People Are Running away. and Da Gullwings are Chasing After them. After some Huffing and Puffing, Wolf Shouts

Wolf: HEY! {Huff,Puff} You Run To Fast!
??: It's Because your too Slow Little Girl!

Wolf Sees a Man Aged about 21 walking to her. Another Person Comes from the Opposite Side.

???: HAHAHAHAHAHA Show's Over
Pichu: Ouch!?!?!
Ab: This Way.

The Gang Walk to a Forest Landscape just Outside Goldenrod. Da Gullwings and the 2 Mysterious Men Have Poke-balls Drawn out.

??: Time To Challange you Boys and Girls, and Believe me this will be quick!
???: Yeah you said it! Your Going Down!
Ab: Oh Yeah! Come on!

One Of the men Throws the Poke-ball. It Flashes Open. Reveling a Zangoose. The Other Mysterious man Does the Same thing. But a Seviper is Reveled.

Ab: Me against you 2 huh? You Guys better watch the Master!
Wolf & Pichu: Oh Yeah!
Ab: Yeah, Go Wingull and Mareep!

Both Show Mareep and wingull on Fighting form. The Battle Starts, The Mysterious Man A Tells Zangoose to use Slash while Mysterious Man B tells Seviper to Use Poison Tail. As for Ab, he Uses Wingull to Fly and to do a Somersult. Wingull Does. After he Tells Wingull to Use a Water Gun while Mareep will Use Thunder! Both Zangoose and Seviper are Knocked Out Instently. Suddenly a same Appearence as the Men comes to da Gullwings. But has a Girl's Voice.

?{F}: That's Quite Enough Battling Boys.
Both Men: Yes Boss!
Ab: Leader Huh? Well who ever you are, give us the Sphere Back Pronto!
Wolf: Yeah!
Pichu: Right On!
?{F}: Well you want this Sphere Come and get it! As you Can't Stop the Mighty....{Transforms into} Le Jessablanc!
MMA: Also from the Rebel Jose!
MMB: And the Unstoppable Giant! Together We Are!
Wolf: {Interuppes} Excuse me Correction Big Guy we already beaten you, see if You Look Behind you there's a Surprise in Store.

They Look Behind them. A Flygon is there and is Angry

Wolf: Ab you know what Time it is!
Ab: Say Goodbye Time! FLYGON HYPER BEAM!

Flygon Shoots the Beam Sucessfully and they Blast off. The Sphere Drops from then on. Ab Catches it and Celebrates.

Ab: K Let's Get Back to Base. { Speaks in Little Mircophone } Got the Sphere Mission Complete!


End of Chapter 1

'You maybe able to prolong your life, but it's not like you can escape your inivitable death'

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