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Default Re: Church and State: Religious Influences in society, laws, traditions of the US

Well, I don't really mind these thing ^^;.
I'm not religious, and I just think of Good Friday as a day off, not as the day Christ died.
Still, I don't think religious festivities should be abolished in public life. Why? They have nothing to do with the religion anymore, they are embedded in the culture of America (and Europe for the greater part) itself. They are part of the identity of the people that live in a culture, wether they are religious or not.
Here, in the Netherlands, there is a debate going on wether we should have a muslim national holiday too, instead of a christian holiday, like Good Friday. I really don't want this, not because I don't accept muslims, but because Good Friday is our religious day wich I don't believe in. It's part of me, being a Dutchman.

Hope it makes sense oO;;^^
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