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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

Rain Forest in Ngahere

Ichigo took a deep breath of the moist rainforest air. Where in Ngahere she was she'd never know but it was no doubt a rainforest. Above the new trainer's head was a canopy of trees whose branches weaved about and created a quilt-like topping for the forest which kept all the water from leaving the area. It was like a steam room. The sun heated the air in side and drew water upwards but the water never left. In stead it clung to the quilt of leaves over head.

There was a sudden crashing sound as Ichigo's shiny Hoppip, Sakura, hit the top of the leafy ceiling and knocked herself silly from the inpact. The green Pokemon fell and was caught by Meepy, a shiny Mareep belonging to Ichigo as well.
The feeling of terror attracted Missy, A Misdreavus of Ichigo's, and Missy's sudden snapping of attention let Kuro's gaze wander to the gathering too. This was the regular day spent by the group and things would never be very dull with all them there.

((Sry... Gotta catch up in the RP now >_>'))

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