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Default Church and State: Religious Influences in society, laws, traditions of the US

We all know that the days of the almighty church that sends you to jail for workig on a Sunday are long gone *and good riddence*, and yet the prescence of long-held religious traditions are irrevocably omnipresent in American society. The majority of our laws our based upon Christian beliefs, and many holidays are Christian ones. What follow are examples of present-day religious influence in the US:

-Christmas and Easter are national holidays

-Public Schools get Christmas, Easter, and even Good Friday off

-(in the Boston, MA area) network televisions (WB, Fox, etc.) broadcast the Catholic Mass on Sunday mornings

-Public Schools must offer lunches with no meat in them on Fridays during Lent

There are undoubtedly many more; those are just a few. Christmas can be written off policitally correct as having the Winter Solstice off (although that too, is a religious holiday , a Wiccan holiday, I believe) Easter's on a Sunday, so no explanations neccessary there. But the day that sticks out in my mind the most is Good Friday. No one (to my knowledge) in the US has to go to school on Good Friday, because of it's importance in Christianity. Being a Catholic, I don't resent these things; I embrace them. I am just amazed somethimes at how much Christianity is embedded in American Society. However, at the same time, there is also much religious tolerance. Students are allowed to take a day off from school if it is a religious holiday; it's excused.

What do you guys think about this? I know I'm a little conservative *shudders* when it comes to this; I personally wold perfer to go back to saying the Lord's Prayer each morning in school, but that's just me.
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