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Default Re: Virtual Reality: Pokemon (EPIC!) [NOW OPEN!]

When he finally arrived in sandwire, he was slightly lost for direction, the press conferance was going on right now, and he had a clear shot at arratan, he just wish he had some support in case of the worst, vex had indeed done his best to make it much was running through ixidors mind, so he took the pistol, fixed salm in his sights, .....and fired.....

-there were screams and chaos as arratan salm fell, stone dead to the stage floor, and one lone figure sprinting away from the stage, and dissapearing into the surrounding streets-

ixidor stood there in the alleyway panting heavily, vex had not given him any instructions on what to do once it was done, all he could do was sink down in the cold dark alley and pray for a sign what to do next......