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Default Re: Major Pokemon Forums

Originally Posted by sdp
I know, i love this forums. Pokecommunity is so stupid, they have all this "rules" and call everything spam. And their moderators are like 12 years old or younger that abuse their power, and type like this "u r spammmin the baords!11" I put that quote on my sig and i get banned for "attacking" a moderator...

oh yeah, and if you have a different opinion, it's wrong.
I don't like it when people bad mouth me personally or the work I do on my forum. So that we don't get into that kind of stuff, let's just end this thread here.

As for the question, use a search engine like google to search. Chances are, if it's a "major" Pokemon forum, you'll find their forum, or at least their website that has a Pokemon forum.

*Thread locked.